Playboy Gold

Game Type - Video Slots
Release Date - 2017-06-01
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Playboy Gold brings scantily-clad ladies to the tip of your fingers and combines that with 100 paylines, which promise to help you add to your budget. Fancy taking the playmates for a spin?

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Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
Playboy Gold Online Slot

When Hugh Hefner started his empire, he must have known that he would inspire the world. The Playboy Gold slot game is nothing as leery as wanton imagination may lead you to believe. Quite au contraire. While you can spot the playmates beaming back at you around the main play window which features 6 10-set reels, you can rest assured that everything is well within the boundaries of decency. Before long, you will find it hard not to smile back, too!

The two playmates, Raquel and Audrey, will change their poses every time you hit the reels making the experience a fair bit more interactive. As to the actual game itself, you have the standard card symbols that pay. The online slots game provides a great way to add a fair bit to your bankroll without having to worry too much about anything really. You can get the Wild Respins feature for some extra games and benefit from the Instant Credit Prize, which gives you a cash bonus.

Though the symbols may seem a wee bit confusing at first blush, there’s nothing to really be worried about, and you will soon find yourself with a firm grasp of the Playboy Gold’s essentials.

Game Variants

Of course, Playboy is a quick hit. Before the realistic avatars of Raquel and Audrey sprucing up the gaming experience, there was another version of the game known as Playboy Online Slot. Developed by Microgaming, it provides a more classic user interface, with 5 reels and 243 possible paylines. That’s definitely something to think about. Whilst the charming pair of playmates are gone, the avatar of other dashing ladies appear in the slot.

How to Play Playboy Gold – Take a Spin

Playboy Gold Online SlotYou may have noticed that Playboy Gold has a vintage feeling to it despite the avatars of the two ladies that accompany you throughout the entire experience. The gameplay is quite simple. Still, because the slot has a rather larger layout, you will see that the actual navigation has been reduced in size in a way that’s both elegant and fitting, giving prominence to the discreetly pleasant design of the game. Playing is simple. You can opt for an AutoPlay feature, and stake as much as you wish, with a tempting minimum of 0.50 of designated currency, making it a perfect fit for players of more modest means.

Playboy Gold’s Features 

And so the game comes with its own set of special features, some of which we have already mentioned. The Instant Credit Prize will quickly hook you up with more cash to play with, which is a nice incentive to keep trying and defeat the game. While you won’t find a progressive jackpot here, rest assured that a top online casino will always hand you a fitting Playboy Gold bonus. A separate Multiplier and Wild Respin features are also up for grabs, so enjoy!

Playboy Gold Symbols and their Significance

The Wheel Bonus symbol is quite a highly-yielding option. When you manage to collect three Wheel Bonus symbols you will have the opportunity to multiply your stake between 20 and 100 times. The clubs and diamonds won’t pay much but the paylines that feature Stephanie, Hiromi, Gia, and Carly promise to make your stay worth your while as they pay out handsomely. We had quite a bit of fun here at CasinosHub trying to pinpoint the exact value of each symbol.

Game Rules and Strategies of Playboy Gold

When you want to play for real money, it’s quite likely that you will also want to win. That’s understandable. But you can do the smart thing here and test out all your strategies and see if there is merit to them. Playboy Gold could easily lead you into temptation, offering you to stake as much as 500 of a given currency, so we advise caution. Normally, the more you stake, the better your returns will be, but we have to advise you to tailor your bets according to your current finances.

Across All Platforms

Microgaming is synonymous with gaming excellence that transcends boundaries and limitations. But just in case you didn’t know, Playboy Gold can be accessed from any device you may have at your disposal. Be that a slick Samsung Galaxy Tablet or a smartphone – the experience is equally satisfying. You can rest assured that a PC would make a little less difference, too! The game just runs without a hitch on a whole array of gizmos.

The Building Blocks: Software

Microgaming’s smooth loading screen hints at the game’s excellence from the first moment you decided to explore it on your own. The software is just what you would expect from a provider of the stature of Microgaming. Nothing lags, there’s no pesky mini-delay that breaks up the whole experience. Even if the Internet cuts short, it will take you a bit to realise that at first. Overall, the whole product holds brilliantly together.

Playboy Gold – A Lot of Fun

Toying around with the innovative 10-set 6-reel format will certainly add some excitement to your gaming experience. The company of dashing ladies is also quite a boon if you ask us. And even if you are a lady, you will certainly appreciate the professional, though inviting, look of the avatars. With an excellent number of payline combinations, Playboy Gold is on our list of top recommendations! Oh, and if you fancy popular progressive pokies, you should definitely give our selection a go.

Enjoy a Hugh Hefner-like Experience with Playboy Gold Now!

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