Queen of the Pyramids

Game Type - Video Slots
Release Date - 2017-06-01
Progressive Jackpot
5-Reel 9-Line Video Slot

Developed by Playtech, Queen of the Pyramids throws you into an all too familiar setting with unpredictable outcomes. Fancy to nick the Pharaoh’s treasure and go scot-free? Now’s your chance!

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Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
Queen of the Pyramids

Queen of the Pyramids is one of those classic online pokies you dream to lay your hands on. It’s 5-reel setting and seemingly modest 9 paylines are actually quite sufficient to keep your pockets full, and your flair for a good spin stoked. Ancient Egypt has left us all a great treasure to cherish, and Queen of the Pyramids readily taps into the troves of architectural palaces, sphinxes, and pyramids. All the fine details land the game a distinctly original look unmatched by many other titles after it.

A thicket of special symbols will have you going too, with Flower of Lotus, Egyptian Servant, Sphinx and a Hawk all prodding your fancy. Even though the option to play for free to discover more of the game beforehand is not an option, we maintain that this is one of the best slot games you can find out there.

Game Variations

Oh, while Playtech didn’t bother to extend the Queen a courtesy to capture her efforts into a modernised version, albeit the graphics have been tweaked to better reflect modern-age preferences. Even then, if you sift through the available titles you will find quite a few online games drawing the same ready inspiration from Ancient Egypt. For one, the seemingly unrelated Punisher War Zone is related to the game in terms of basic gameplay feeling.

How to Play – Excellent Gameplay

Progressive Jackpot PokiesWhere some may see drawbacks given the number of available paylines, we readily find some inspiration. Put simply, the gameplay becomes more focused when there aren’t, over 250 paylines, which may, on occasion, convey quite the false feeling that you stand to bring heftier profits. But do you really? The game is also a more back-to-basics version of modern slots as well. You won’t find an AutoPlay feature, but do you really need one? In case you are not sure about the paytables, you can quickly look them up as that’s a feature of the user interface.

Queen of the Pyramids – A Number of Features

Queen of the Pyramids is a game with a brilliant few features that afford you most auspicious opportunity at every turn. If you be so lucky as to get a Bonus Wheel, you will end up playing the Bonus Round. If you enter a Bonus Round via Free Spins, you also get a 5x Multiplier. Neat, don’t you think? Another noteworthy feature, of course, is the Progressive Jackpot, which, if lucky, will make you a rich gamer-turned-archaeologist very quickly.

The Symbols and their Significance

Everyone itches for free spins when they get to play video slots. As far as Queen of the Pyramids bonuses goes, you may get quite a few free spins, courtesy of the Scorpion Symbol. Depending on how many Scorpions you get, 3, 4 or 5, you end up with a bagful of free spins, namely 5, 25, and 100 respectfully for each of the previous numbers. Want to enter the Jackpot Level? Then, by all means, pin all your hopes on the Pharaoh Symbol. IN fact, you will need five of these to see you through.

Game Rules and Strategies

Well, Queen of the Pyramids can only be played for real money, and that gives you some advantage, up to a point. You won’t dilly-dally trying to come up with an overcomplicated strategy either. Thankfully, you can bet at a minuscule fraction of your bankroll, which will enable you to explore the possible stratagems very quickly. Once familiar, you may be tempted to add more to the value of your wagers, as higher yields would certainly be appealing to you.

No Platform Left Behind

It may be an old-timer, but all Playtech’s games will run on your mobile devices without a hitch. Care to pick your own gizmo? Don’t bother much about it, all you need is to choose something you feel comfortable it. The developers have made that the seemingly creeky bones of the timeless Queen of the Pyramids will run well on any modern device and we have tested it here at CasinosHub.

Enviable Software

Call us biased, but we like Playtech’s products. The game may seem as if it’s running slower than you would normally expect from the latest slots, but that’s just as well. Queen of the Pyramids is an old-timer that has made it to the very tops of the gaming list. True, some may find the graphics a bit too dated for their liking, but there’s quite the sufficient number of gamers who put this particular video slot high up on their list of preferences.

Our Two Pence on Queen of the Pyramids

Perhaps, Queen of the Pyramids, will one day fall out of existence, as it would be push under the hundreds of video slots getting published by the bunch of software developers these days. However, if you have a flair for digging up the past, you may find this particular jewel of the iGaming industry intact from time. If you fancy a few quick spins and entertain the prospect of a decent jackpot, you may as well make sure you are benefiting from the casino’s no deposit bonus and giving Queen of the Pyramids a royal treatment.

Swap The Riches of Ancient Egypt for a Pretty Dollar!



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