Smoking Dogs Slot Review

Game Type - Video Slots
Release Date - 2017-06-01

If you have never witnessed a dog with a cigarette hanging out of its mouth, then don’t worry.  You can get your fix right here by playing the Smoking Dogs slot game.

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Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
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Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
Smoking Dogs Pokie

This slot game is created by software designer Fugaso. There are so many dogs you are going to find both big and small with this online pokie. You will be able to find the blue water eyed Huskies all the way to the tiny little terriers. But the one thing that each dog breed has in common in this game is a love of smoking. It is somewhat a bizarre sight to see dogs with cigars and cigarettes hanging out of their mouth, but it becomes much more bearable when you switch to play this pokie for real money prizes and win a top dollar.

Enjoying Dogs Online

Smoking Dogs Slot ScreenshotAs a dog lover, it might be easy to get a little sidetracked because the reels for this online slot are going to show things like a kennel outside set against the backdrop of a beautiful blue sky, with a bunch of dogs. But if you want any chance with the same level of excitement that your dog might show in real life, it's time to start playing and not just loving the scenery. When you look at the board it is a conventional board that has 5 reels designed in the standard way. There are no visible pay lines which is different but that doesn't mean that you won't give the land your symbols on what would have been the appropriate sections and win big. In fact, there are 243 ways to win just like any other game and there aren't any complicated pay line patterns that you have to remember which makes it a lot easier to take home the big money prizes.
Before depositing and spinning the reels for real money, you can try the game by playing with a no deposit casino bonus

Placing Your Bets

The one downside to these online slots is that you don't get any flexibility over how many lines you get to play so the only way that you can control the amount you are wagering is to change the stake you are betting. In this regard, you have to make sure that you are on top of monitoring your budget so that you don't go over it. The minimum bet is $25 so it certainly isn't any type of penny slot. But the maximum bet amount is up to $125. As such this game is definitely better suited for those who not only love dogs but have a pretty big budget on hand. Again, if you rock up to your slot games with only $5 in your virtual pocket with which to play for the afternoon this is not going to be the game that you choose. But on a weekend when you just got paid and now you have a higher budget it might be worth trying. The return-to-player percentage is 96.7% when playing real money casino.

Symbols and Bonuses

When you look at this online pokie you will see that all the dogs are smoking but that doesn't mean the only thing you can win are cartons of cigarettes and cigars. You can win much more than just the basic price listed on the main screen. Keep your eyes open for special extras that help you to increase the earnings. You can find wild symbols which can substitute for other symbols on your screen and create a winning bonus. This allows you to win more money without having to spend more money. There are no scatter symbols in this game. There are no free spins or bonus rounds, so you might feel like you got cheated after all you spent a minimum of $25 per game and you don't have the option of fun extensions to the gameplay.

However, there is a reason why the game is being popular among players and online casinos. A special twin reel which functions as the amazing benefit. There are two of these stuck together and they each have identical symbols. So, you can choose to try your luck at the set of two games simultaneously or you can even increase this to three games, four games, or five games.  Being able to play multiple reels at once helps you to win much bigger amounts of money with a single spin.  

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