The Sweet Appeal of Sugar Pop 2 – Double Dipped Slot

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Release Date - 2017-06-01
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Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
The Sweet Appeal of Sugar Pop 2 – Double Dipped Slot

Anyone with a sweet tooth will love the new Sugar Pop 2 - Double Dipped Slot candy-themed game from Betsoft. This is a game is an improvement or sequel to the game released by the same manufacturer and similarly themed called Sugar Pop. However, unlike its older game, this newer version looks like it has more candy based symbols than any other. The reels are physically larger on your screen and there are lots of symbols which can earn you combination wins, which is great for those who like to extend the length of their spins and earn lots of rewards while they play.

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Symbols Galore

The symbols you receive, according to this Sugar Pop 2 - Double Dipped Slot Review range from things like blue triangles to red hearts, yellow squares, orange beans, and of course other legitimate candy in all manner of colors and shapes. There are 7 by 7 reels for the game so you can win in cluster form. You get lots of great features like free spins, wilds, and what are called candy bombs. You can earn up to $100 for every symbol that is part of your high end winning cluster if you are very lucky. Play Sugar Pop 2 - Double Dipped online pokies

You can win with a cluster and that is how you make money. Clusters are triggered when four or more of the same symbol exist next to each other. If you win, then the winning symbols will explode on your screen like when you split open a piñata. You get money based on the figures left in the squares. On each empty position, you have the chance to win. Clusters are a unique way to win and many of the BetSoft games have the clustering ability. You can obviously win more if the cluster you win is bigger. You can get bigger clusters much more easily than you can get separate reels to be the same, so a lot of newcomers like cluster based games better.

There are wild symbols in the game that take the form of the “Candy Wild” in this Sugar Pop 2 Slot Game. These will appear if there are five or more matching symbols inside a cluster. Then they will explode which may or may not trigger nearby clusters and other explosions, which—as you know—will leave behind squares of profits for you. When you see different candy symbols they can depict a range of free spins between 5 and 27. This means more chances for wins and for free spins and for special bonuses while you play pokies with free spins.

Setting up Your Candy Bets

The bets are set up in multiples of 50 coins. So, the game acts as though there are fifty active lines even if there are not. You can bet between 50 and 250 coins. For said coins, you can set up the denominations anywhere between 0.01 and $1. This means you can spend anywhere between .50 cents and $250 per spin as you enjoy your favorite pokies.

Final Verdict

This game is really quite interesting and takes a fun idea (who doesn’t love candy, especially candy that explodes and leaves behind money?) and combines it with newer graphics, an interesting gameplay style, and lots of features. The end result is definitely something any player can get behind. You can read more at Australia Casino about this particular slot and many others that are just as fun and lucrative. Read reviews, find out how to get started, and open games on your tablet or computer in just minutes.


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