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The Slotfather: Review

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A mafia meeting of a very special kind! The Slotfather is a unique 3D slot machine made by Betsoft. Meet the godfather and his accomplices and capture up to € 5,000!
RTP : 96.65%
Paylines: 30 Paylines
Reels: 5 Reels
Launch Date:
June, 2017
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Progressive Slot
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Max coins per line:
Min coin size:
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Slotfather Slot Review

You think you hear the soundtrack of the cult movie "The Godfather"? That's right, because the godfather himself and his followers meet at this ingenious 3D slot machine from Betsoft. The stories of the Mafia always testify to passion. That is exactly why the ingenious software manufacturer Betsoft wants to take you into this dangerous world. You'll find amazing and amazingly realistic state-of-the-art animations on Betsoft technology. The protagonists include: The Godfather, Frankie the Liaison, Fat Tony and Sammy Quick Fingers. The icons are the most famous icons of the genre: the criminal car, a machine gun, a cigar, a newspaper, a plate of pasta, red wine, a signet ring and a suitcase full of banknotes.

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The Slotfather - The Don is Here

Hey, we are going to make you an offer you simply can't refuse. Now sit down. Take out your laptop. Scroll over to the Slotfather slot website and start earning some money. Capeesh! Don't let me get my goons on you. Ah it's fun with online pokies themed games, isn't it? In The Slotfather online slot, you really explore a game that you can tell developers had a blast creating. In this game, you will find that you are a part of The Slotfather family and you will be tasked with getting money from people that... uh... owe you. 

Hey! Don't ask any questions okay. 

In this game, all that you need to know is how to point, click, and earn. Here is our review of The Slotfather slot game. Welcome to our world. 

The Slotfather Slot ReviewThe Slotfather Slot Review

This is a five reel slot game that offers 30 pay lines for players. The game has an RTP sitting nicely at 96.65%. Not too bad, now you can see why we work for the don. The Slotfather takes care of his family by offering scattered bonuses, free spins, and wild bonuses that all offer players the ability to earn more for playing. 

Players can wage as low as $0.02 to as high as $15. Get exciting bonuses at your favourite casino to take full advantage of The Slotfather's generosity.

The Visuals and Audio 

We cannot applaud the developers enough for the level of detail they placed into the game. The intro was superb and really helps to cement what type of game this is. The point and click part of the game is also a joy to watch. They took a great deal of time in developing this game you can tell that they had a great time. Lastly, the reel spins and the way you eliminate people on the reel is a great touch to this mafia theme game. Betsoft has really outdone themselves again. 

It was a great addition to add the voice acting to a certain part as it really adds more to the level of immersion. This was really a greatly appreciated feature that was added to this game. The online casino updates were really appreciated, and one hopes that Betsoft, as they have done, will continue to innovate in the industry. 

Bonus and features

The bonuses are a truly joyous experience as the bonus rounds takes you to a small part of the city where you can start to click and point where you want to get your earning. It is here where you can win real money playing pokies. The bonuses round comes in the form of a scatter bonus round where you will be given the opportunity to target certain images and remove them and place someone else in their stead. 

Man, this game is sounding a lot like a GTA game. No complaints here. 

The Slotfather Payout TableThe Verdict

This game was truly an entertaining gaming experience. Betsoft continues to distinguish itself from other developers because if their different gameplay features. We really had a great time playing this game. The voice acting, the bonus rounds, the RTP, the visuals and the audio are top-notch. 

If you are a lover of the Godfather genre and love slot games, you will be overwhelmed with the fun you will have while playing this game. It may not be a GTA game, but it is much more; reading in the fact that you can actually earn something while playing this game. Read more at CasinosHub to learn more about where you can play this game. 

This...this you have an option. But only one. Capeesh!


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