Viking Gods: Thor & Loki

Game Type - Video Slots
Release Date - 2017-06-01

If you are a fan of the Nordic mythology, the latest arrival by the Maltese developers Playson will definitely intrigue you. With the informative layout and authentic look, you are thrown in the thick of the myths about Yggdrasil, the world’s serpent, and the warring gods, with the dour-looking Thor and mischievous Loki, featured as the main characters of this new pokie.

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Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
Viking Gods Thor and Loki Pokies

Forged and Honed – The User Interface

Viking Gods Thor & Loki PokiesThe user interface on Viking Gods: Thor & Loki has been brilliantly elaborated. The play panel is clad in woodwork and cast against a traditional Viking village with port and ships, and a main hall for the clan’s leaders and sundry. A haunting tune is plays on repeat, hinting at adventure as soon as you enter the game. The runes are all there and so are the shifting wilds, special symbols, and realistic flaming effects.

The game looks more like a well-hammered in-browser game and if you have noticed this, you have a keen eye. It’s been developed on HTML5, which means the game is friendly on all sorts of devices out there. You can play it on an iOS or Android-based gadget without any hassle. But it’s the special features where it all gets intriguing!

Come Down, Valhalla

Imbued with HTML5 technology, the game offers 5 reels and 15 paylines. You may fear that that’s hardly enough to arrange a proper blow-out, but rest assured that a few bonus levels paired with other tricks up the sleeve the developers will leave you completely marvelled at the things that have been achieved.

The Wild Symbol will always have you hooked up with some additional treats, complementing the semi-completed paylines. You won’t be able to swap out the game’s logo, which serves as a sort of a scatter. If you are after real profit, you will need to focus on Thor and Loki who open up the best treats.

Viking Gods Thor & Loki Online Slot

The Viking Gods feature will be unlocked as soon as Thor or Loki land on the middle reel. If you notch up one symbol, you will get two extra wilds. If you get 1x1 size of a Bonus symbol, you will get 2 wilds. Get 2x1 of one of the god’s avatars, and you will end up with 4 wilds anywhere on your reels. Lastly, you get free spins for a 3x1 hit on your god’s avatar.

You may also build up to 10 free spins at once! You can get either the Thor or the Loki free spin feature. All you need to do is to get the Wolf or Serpent all locked up and in part of a combination. Crystals will also add some potency to the effects, guaranteeing better profits.

One of the best features of the game is the in-game achievements, which will have you pursue separate objectives while you play, giving additional meaning to the game you love and asking of you to complete the mini-missions as a way to add to your joy and pot. Overall, playing Viking Gods: Loki & Thor for real money pays off well.

Viking Gods Thor & Loki Slot Online

Payout and Bonuses

A welcome bonus is often neat to have and with Loki & Thor you may just find one. The payout is pretty solid. With 96.8% as the RTP, you will definitely stand to benefit from the game in a grand way. Any additional tinkering with the value of the coins will allow you to set the amount to between 0.01 and 6 coins. The minimum number of coins per line is 1, though. With a bit of luck, you will be able to play in the bonus level, giving yourself a significant leg-up. Although the ‘big wins’ are rather limited in nature, they still keep you in the game. Our Loki Bonus level fetched us as much as 100 in total wins. Yes, even if you haven't notched up a Viking Gods: Thor & Loki bonus, you are still on your way to multiply your riches! But keep depositing, because you stand a chance to also get a reload bonus from your casino!

By Thunder, I Rule

 Loki and Thor’s iconic rivalry has become an efficient synergy in Playson’s product. The pair are working together to make sure that the fates favour you. Even then, the game may appear a bit cold to some who are accustomed to a more fast-paced game insofar as winning combinations go. The implementation of HTML5 and the omnichannel solutions have both been great successes for the studio, and you as a gamer stand to benefit the most.  

Rocking the skies for an extra penny, play Viking Gods: Thor & Loki at your favourite online casino.


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