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Release Date - 2017-06-01
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Henry Tamburin
by Henry Tamburin

Zhanshi Slot is a game produced by Real Time Gaming. The reason behind its release is to fulfill a promise that the computer made a while back to release one new game per month for the year 2016. The company upheld that promise rather well and offer this new Asian-themed game to the collection of existing games featuring Asian warriors as the lead character. Visually, this game is quite impressive. Offering the traditional colors of good luck and oriental style font to add to the theme.




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The Meaning of Zhanshi

There are many Ancient Asian themed games but this one is pretty cool. The name “Zhanshi” is a Chinese word with many meanings. The word is commonly used to mean “Reveal” and is seen a lot in association with warriors in ancient texts. So it is clear that Real Time Gaming did their homework on this one because the symbol and word appear all over the 3D game and seems to carry both meanings quite well.Zhanshi online pokies game

This Zhanshi Slot Review found that the game is a 5 reel game with 25 pay lines when you play at Australia Casino online. You can win in many ways but there are two free bonus rounds that are offered in the game and, like most Real Time Gaming products, it has a randomly awarded jackpot. The progressive jackpot beings at 10,000 coins. Moreover, the game can be played on android devices or any device that uses the iOS which is great for most players who want to partake of the new game on the go.  

Evaluating the Zhanshi Theme

The symbolism found in this game is everywhere. There are traditional Chinese houses, lots of banners and artifacts that are Mandarin. The music is oriental-ish and takes on a sort of warlike sound. This game is 3D, as mentioned, and it is a lot of fun even for people who are not often big fans of 3D. The company did well to make sure the visual effects are everywhere, without being too overwhelming. When you play, as mentioned, you have two bonuses you can stumble upon. The first is initiated when you see the wild symbol of the game, the Zhanshi warrior himself. He gives you 25 free spins and during those spin rounds, he is a 3x multiplier on your bets. The second bonus is where you get 10 spin rounds but the warrior symbol still acts as a 2 x multiplier and if you see him, then any 3 warrior or temple symbols will earn you a re-triggering of your 10 free spins. So it seems like the second bonus is not nearly as great compared to the first, but it does have the opportunity for longer play built into it which seems to even things out a bit.

The jackpot is another item worth noting, as one of the exclusive promotions. When you play this game, you have a chance to win the progressive jackpot. Like all progressives, it will get bigger the more you play. As you are playing you will see the total for the jackpot listed on the screen, and you see that figure getting higher and higher. It is random, so there is not anything you can do to try and increase your odds of winning, however, you feel the literal anticipation rising the longer you play because you know that at any given moment after a spin, you just might be the winner. The progressive jackpot is not the only one offered either. There is a 30,000 fixed jackpot too.

Final Verdict

Overall, this game is really an improvement visually speaking and lets you play online pokies for real money. The title and the sounds and features all go hand in hand… in hand. Having two jackpot options is also really attractive to players new and old.


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