Tips to Win Progressive Jackpots

Online progressive slots are the single most popular segment out there and if you have a tendency to frequent virtual casinos, you will know how varied and interesting they can be. There’s a whole thicket to pick from. You have your 3-D slots and 3/5-reelers. It hardly stops there as video slots are becoming more intuitive and complicated by the day. Progressive slots are often just a normal video slot with the added boon of expecting a big windfall should you be lucky.

But is luck everything or are is there a progressive jackpot strategy to consider as well? Our guide strives to provide an honest answer to this question. Let’s explore the odds of hitting the jackpot.

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The Jackpots – Cashing Out Big Time

The first thing you ought to do when you start opting for the best bonuses out there is to find yourself the popular progressive pokies and do your research. For the most part, the latest titles on the market promise to come with much better payout, a notably more intriguing gameplay, and a fair bit of boosted jackpots. So far as progressive jackpot strategies go, we ought to elaborate on quite a few things. Read on, to find out the key to winning progressive jackpots.

The question we ought to ask ourselves right here is how often a jackpot is paid out. This will be your main index for determining whether a game can indeed be won. You will normally have two types of games.  Some barely grow into the millions whilst others provide you with whopping and eye-popping amounts, such as $7-$15 million dollars. Of course, these numbers are all mere fluctuations and they can vary. Nothing is really carved in stone either. And lastly, how big the odds of winning are will depend on how many reels and symbols you have. A 5-reeler with 20 symbols will mean that your chances of winning are 1 in 3,200,000, which is quite staggering.

Online Jackpot – A Clever Choice & Max Bet

Let’s theorise for a moment here. As it turns out, having fewer symbols and reels will indeed boost your chances of winning. The drawback is that it will end up increasing every player’s chance of having a go at the big pot. And that’s understandable. Still, by opting for a smaller gaming set, you know that you are orbiting near the coveted prize.

Looking specifically into the ways of winning jackpot online, you will have to be prepared to play the max bets. All slot machines expect you to be throwing in the maximum wager. Smaller bets will mostly go unnoticed. Whilst there’s no definitive proof that you couldn’t win with a normal bet, you will notice that the odds will swell beyond the astronomical.

In order to have yourself set up, we recommend that we look into the progressive slots to garner a slightly better understanding of what it means to be opting for the best possible options.

Worth It Online Jackpot Slots  

Progressive online slots tipsThere’s always a temptation to try free progressive jackpot games, of course. Now, this term requires some clarification. The word free is conditional. It doesn’t mean you really may win a progressive jackpot without actually staking money, but you can play in free mode, which will allow you to see what a real play with hard-earned cash is all about.

In choosing your own favourite slots, we recommend stopping on the top titles, because they have been in business for a while now, and you will definitely get to squeeze out the most profit out of them. Even if you fail to hit the jackpot, you will notice that titles, such as Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah, and the Dark Knight Rises do tend to pay, and they pay handsomely!

The Definitive Progressive Jackpot Strategy

And so, we have come some way by now. You know about the max bets and that certain titles pay better. Generally speaking, we wouldn’t caution against playing at new progressive jackpots as long as you have read a few opinions. You may notice that statistical data is rather difficult to get hands-on at the very beginning.

Still, as your fellow gamers probe the title for great outcomes and solid payout, you will notice that a game will either be lauded as trailblazers or relegated as a rehash of the same old products out there. If we had to sum up what you should do to get the most out of your pursuit of jackpots, here it is:

  • Do consider if you want to play for progressive jackpots, as you will need to stake the max amount.
  • Pick proven titles with great payout – pot or no pot.
  • Remember to consider 3-reel games over the bigger ones.
  • Make sure you have the bankroll to pursue your gaming efforts and try to play for profit instead of relying solely on winning the jackpot.
  • Ensure that your casino is a credible operator which will honour wins of such size.

Closing Thoughts

The pursuit is both exciting and overwhelming. How much should you spend before giving up? The answer is there’s no stone that’s been carved in stone or everyone would be a winner. You should focus on maxing out your current profits and treat the jackpot as a very desirable by-product which cannot, however, be your main objective for playing progressive pokies. If you understand that, you are on your way to conquering the whole segment.

Very important: Keep an eye on the payout percentage of the casino games:

Payout %

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