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by Jack Harris

Wazdan is an online casino software provider with a rather atypical way of building its games. Licensed and operating from Malta, they have gone out of their way to ensure their games are fair and secure in certifying their software and using two independent auditors to oversee their work. Their hard work and efforts are focused on the gameplay experience for their players while at the same time they make sure that the foundation of the game is stable so that the players have good substance, not just flashy lights and loud bells.

They are one of the few manufacturing companies out there that goes above and beyond to assure its products by paying for outside reviews of its content. Most companies will not willingly pay for one third-party review, let alone two unless they are required to. This does reflect well on the company and its attempt to stand out in its own way.

Wazdan Games Platform

One of the biggest long-term advances you will see with this company is in its Unity game engine. Unity can be found inside lots of popular video games and over the years this company has worked hard to build its collection of software around this engine. The approach is innovative, one that has certainly not been seen a lot in the industry. However, it means that they are dealing with the issue of cost. Sometimes the players will not get what they are used to at the start. The stability of games might not be what is wanted or needed given a certain browser. So, players sometimes have to contend with this short term.

Wazdan Gaming Software ReviewUsing the Wazdan Software

There are plenty of slots online where you can enjoy the Wazdan software. In fact, their total software platform has between 50 and 60 games, two-thirds of which are slot games. The slot games that you get from this company are interesting insofar as they are built using a different visual style. Most players get accustomed to a specific style of games but that is not the case here. The graphics you get with this company are not top-of-the-line compared to what is out there. Normally, too, you would get a rather cluttered screen with a lot going on. With Wazdan games you instead get a general smoothness to the games which can help make the gameplay more appealing. One thing that certainly makes everything stand out is that their slots come with many boasting four reels. This stands in contrast to many of the games out there which tend to offer specifically three or five, but not four.

Wazdan Casinos

There are plenty of mobile online casinos where you will find Wazdan games including  Omni Slots, Diamond World Casino, CasinoWilds, as well as Energy Casino. Here you can play such notable games as Tetri Mania or Magic of the Ring. They also have a Double Tigers slot game that can be a great deal of fun. You can always offset the otherwise bland features and bonuses built into their games by finding a casino online that offers appealing sign-up bonuses so that you can use those to your advantage instead.

At online casinos you can play their games you will also find table games and you can play online casino games with bonuses here. They have an array of blackjack, casino poker, video poker, and other traditional table games. They do not have a wide variety of types, especially for video poker or blackjack, but they do have all of the basic ones that are known and loved. They do not have many things that stand out in this particular category, but they do have standard graphics, and the games function at reasonable speeds which is great for everyone. Now, they can stand to add a bit more variety, but it seems that as of late they are focused rather heavily on making the platform work with their games.

Overall, the company currently stands in an interesting position among online casino games. They are popular throughout Europe and today they are focused heavily on their Unity game engine. They are poised for the future. However, there are still a lot of things they need to overcome in order to really be as appealing as possible to their players. They have an unusual slots selection, again those 4 reel slots, but mathematically it remains to be seen whether this is good or just different. Being different for the sake of being different is not necessarily a good business plan. They still haven’t set themselves apart as a company in any other noticeable way just yet, but certainly, they have the potential to do so.

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