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by Brad King

Cricket is one of the popular sports widely played. It’s no surprise that people simply love cricket! Since cricket matches are played almost all year round, bettors have many opportunities to bet on cricket and earn huge amounts of real money.

Nowadays, online cricket betting is not limited to only betting on the winning team because the process of placing bets has advanced a lot. Users can now place cricket bets on several aspects of the sport, including the total score of the innings, the performance of the batsman, the highest run scored, the total sixes played, and so on. If you are new to cricket betting and want to learn more about the different types of cricket bets, read below. First, we provide you with a list of the top bookies to bet on cricket.

Different Types of Cricket Bets

Let’s walk you through some basic bet types in the cricket betting world.

Online cricket betting typesMatch Betting: This is one of the most common forms of cricket betting. The primary goal of this bet is to guess the team that will win the match – for instance, a single match within a tournament or a series, or in a One Day International match. Let’s say, for example, that Australia is playing the West Indies; a match bet would be betting on one of the teams who might win the match. Even though it is the easiest bet to place, it is necessary to understand the basics of this bet. It is worth noting that the bookmaker will declare the bet void if the match ends in a tie. In addition, the bettor may not be paid unless 20 overs have been completed. Thus, when placing a match bet, it is best to check the specific bookie’s terms and conditions in order to place a successful bet.

Outright Winner: This is the type of cricket bet which is placed on any team participating in tournaments such as the ICC Women’s World Cup, the ICC Champions Trophy, the Cricket World Cup, and the World T20. The main goal of this bet is to correctly choose the team that will win the entire tournament instead of just a single match. Since there are numerous teams competing in tournaments, it is quite tricky to choose the one that will be an outright winner. This is why the odds are higher in this betting type, as compared to match betting. The best policy is to select one or a few potential winning teams and bet on each of them.

Tied Match: As the name suggests, this is a type of bet that is placed on the possibility of the cricket match ending in a draw. In general, this bet is usually placed on test matches because these are the types of matches that usually end in a draw. Also referred to as ‘Draw No Bet’, it is a popular bet that most bookmakers offer to bettors.

Series Winner: This bet includes placing a bet on a team that is the winner of the series. Cricket teams mostly play a series of three to five matches rather than a single match. One of the popular examples of a series match is a biennial five-game series, called the Ashes, which is played between Australia and England. This bet is similar to a match bet and it functions in a similar way; however, it is a riskier bet and often requires bettors to do thorough research and practice patience. Series matches can extend up to a few months; thus, allowing the bet to grow over time and can result in huge earnings.

Win Toss Bet: The aim of this bet is to speculate the team who will win the toss at the beginning of the match. The odds of this bet are such that they give a guaranteed profit to the bookmaker if the action is balanced. Bettors can also place a bet known as ‘Toss Combination’, which involves them predicting the team that will either bat or bowl first after winning the toss!

Odd or Even Scores: This bet allows punters to speculate whether the total runs scored by a team during the match are an odd or an even number. In this bet, zero is considered even.

Match Scores: This is a bet that requires punters to predict the total number of runs the team will score in each match. Instead of predicting the correct score, punters need to place the bet on a range of scores, such as 50 to 160. Since this bet is a bit tough to place, the odds are quite high.

Over/Under Scores:  This is a bet that requires bettors to predict the total number of runs scored by both teams together. The final total is compared with the placed bet and is then decided if it is over or under the given benchmark.

Most Sixes: This bet needs the punters to predict the highest number of sixes scored by any given team in a match. It is recommended to consult your bookmaker in order to understand the rules in case there is a tie between the two teams.

Man of the Match: The aim of this bet is to correctly recognize the player who will be rewarded with the ‘Man of the Match’ honour at the end of the match or series. This bet is usually available for prestigious matches. Another similar bet is the ‘Player of the Series bet.

Batsman Runs: This is a type of cricket bet that is placed just after a new batsman comes into the crease for betting. For this bet, punters have to predict the number of runs that this batsman may score in a match.

Enjoy the Thrill of Placing Cricket Bets. If you want to be a successful cricket bettor, it is imperative that you are disciplined, understand money management tips, and can constantly spot betting value!

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