How To Bet On Horse Racing Online And Win

If you are interested in harness or hurdle events, and you want to monetise your passion for this noble sport, you've reached the right page. Learn how to bet on horse racing and take advantage of the excellent sign-up bonuses, free bets, odds, and trustworthy bookmakers online.

You can bet on horse race betting with these leading bookmakers that cater to the needs of their bettors: 

Get Ready To Use Some Elbow Grease

While horse race betting is not complicated, it does come with its own specific glossary, bet types, strategies, and guidelines to follow. In order to make sure you will be making the most inspired bets online, you should familiarise yourself with race categories, odds, horse race betting tips, types of bets, and a few winning strategies.

horse race betting onlineThere are many different types of horse races you could focus on at the moment. Harness or hurdle races, steeplechasing, endurance, or thoroughbred races are the most popular options we can mention here. The majority of online sportsbooks will have good odds prepared for the harness and thoroughbred race events. The rest of the horse race categories are usually provided by selected bookmakers.

Start by carefully studying a few horses and decide which one/s to pick for your first bet. Secondly, you should decide upon the best races to place your wagers on, as well as the types of bets to select. Win and Place bets continue to be the most popular bets. The Each-Way middle betting alternative is also in high demand, as it enables bettors to wager half of their money on the win and the other half on the place. This automatically means they will receive a return even if their horse runs a place, but does come first at the finish line.

Bookmakers: The More, The Merrier

Online horse racing betting has become one of the hottest trends in recent years. Betting is simpler and more convenient than ever. All you need is a computer or a smartphone and a good web connection and you are a few minutes away from betting. Tote operators and corporate sportsbooks alike enable users to wager online. They encourage more people to bet on sports online by offering the most competitive pricing, the best odds, a rich selection of betting products, and spectacular sign-up/welcome bonuses and free bet deals.

If you are more into mobile horse race betting, you can learn how to bet on horse racing using a mobile app for Android or iOS and literally take your betting on the go. Keep in mind the more bookmakers you sign up to, the more financial benefits you will enjoy in the form of bonuses, free bets, and guaranteed odds. So if you are all about making some money out of your recently found horse racing hobby, this is your chance to shine.

Learn How To Choose The Winner

While you might think choosing the winning horses during different races is a fun guessing game, the truth is there are quite some challenges to it. If you have little to no experience placing horse racing bets, start by knowing it's not all about choosing the right horse. It is also about selecting the best jockeys and trainers. It's a team effort, and horses are unpredictable animals that can manifest themselves in completely unexpected manners during a race.

While a lot of horses do great on the track, having poorly trained jockeys on the day of a race will significantly lower their chances of winning. So there are many factors to consider prior to making a bet on a horse:

  • The experience of the trainer is crucial when it comes to good racehorses. While you may not be able to physically visit a racetrack prior to an event and witness the warm-up sessions of a particular horse, or the way the jockey is riding it and the instructions given by the trainer, you can do some research online. There are lots of websites that specialise in horse race tips and news that will give you an idea of the level of preparation of a horse, as well as jockeys and trainers.

  • Past performances. These are also excellent indicators of the steadiness and consistency of a horse. You should also study the past performances obtained by jockeys. For example, find out if the jockey you are interested in has ridden the horse you want to bet on in the past. How well did they do?

  • Use race cards. They will give you information on the horse’s first, second, and third placings during previous races. If you cannot see a lot of figures besides the name of the horse you were thinking of betting on, you may want to reconsider. Look for the letters C or D on the right side of the card; they will tell you whether the horse has won a similar race on that type of track in the past (C), or if they've won at the same distance (D).

  • Assess the odds. If the odds are shorter, you are looking at a probable winner who is also a bettor's favourite.

  • Check the horse's running style. Front runners can be leaders or they can run at two lengths of the leader. Stalkers do not make the lead very often, but they are likely to eventually overtake exhausted front-runners. Closer horses reach their best performances when there have good early speed.

Keep in mind you do not have to be an experienced user to know how to win horse racing bets online. Follow these simple tips and take your time trying out different betting types and you will progress by the day. Place your bets now!

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