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by Brad King

Rugby league is a popular sport with huge scorelines and winning margin markets. If you enjoy watching and betting on rugby, begin betting today and watch the adventure unfold.

If you are passionate about rugby and want to try your hand at rugby league betting, you are on the right page because here we will discuss some tips and information on making the best of your rugby betting. By the end of this comprehensive guide, you will be familiar with the basics of rugby league betting, so, let’s get started. 

Rugby Union and Rugby League: Know the Difference

Rugby League Betting GuideMany people are confused about rugby as there are two categories of the sport: Rugby Union and Rugby League. The original game is rugby union; however, in certain parts of Northern England, the game is played with different rules, which led to the formation of two different types of Rugby.

In 1895, teams in Northern England created their own version of rugby and named it rugby league. It is worth noting that rugby union and rugby league are now categorized as different codes as they are different types.

How to Bet On Rugby League?

The basics of both rugby union and rugby league are quite similar; however, in order to understand the ways in which to bet on rugby league, you need to familiarize yourself with their rules. Rugby league is played between two teams of 13 players each, where each team aims to kick the ball to the opponent’s goal line to score a try or conversion.

‘Tries’ score four points, ‘conversions’ score two, and a ‘drop goal’ scores only one point. Players can move the ball forward only by running and kicking but they can pass it backward. The opposing team works to tackle the player in order to gain possession. Following the tackle, the player returns the ball to a teammate and after six tackles, the ball is rolled to the other team.

Popular Rugby League Terminology You Should Know

After understanding the basics of rugby league, it is important that you acquaint yourself with its simple terminologies.

  • 10-Metre Rule: After the player is tackled, the opposing team should move away ten meters from where the tackle was done.
  • 40/20 Rule:  When a player kicks the ball when he’s 40 meters away from the try line, and when it bounces in the 20-meter area of the opposing team, his team wins.
  • Double Movement:  This is a movement made by the player who is tackled in order to move forward and reach the try line.

Common Types of Rugby League Bets

There are numerous types of simple bets on offer that you will easily be able to find; however, it is important that you know some of the more interesting types of bets for rugby betting.

  • Money Line: This is the bet that is made on the team that will win the match.
  • Handicap Bet: This, in rugby league, refers to the benefit the bookmaker gives to one team in order to make the match more balanced.  For the team with a negative handicap to win, it should score more than the figures allotted to it by the bookie. Similarly, the team with a positive handicap must win, draw or lose by less than the figures allotted by the bookie.
  • Totals Bet: This is when punters place a bet on the total number of points to be scored by any team in an event. The bookmaker sets the total number, and the punters can bet over and under the given number.
  • Match Odds: Choose the winning rugby team in any contest.
  • Futures Bet: Choose the winning team of any future tournament or competition.
  • Parlay Bet: This is an accumulator bet on two or more markets, shared on one betting slip.
  • Prop Bet: These bets are not linked to winning tournaments.
  • Two-Way Market Bet: This bet includes two results in a match – win or lose.
  • Three-Way Market Bet: This bet includes three results in a match – win, lose or draw.
  • Double Bet/ Double Result: This is a two-bet accumulator that includes estimating the team that may win the first half and the team who will be the final winner.

For more,  take a squizz at our comprehensive list of rugby league betting types.

General Betting Tips

The main objective of our portal is to offer the best information and tips to our readers, so, read on to know about the top rugby league betting tips.

  • Always get the best odds for any rugby bet you want to place.
  • Have complete knowledge of the team and players on which you want to place your bets.
  • Check the weather conditions before placing your bet. Unfavourable conditions can really mess with the result of the match.
  • Study the draw well and look at the teams who you believe may have a chance of winning the tournament.
  • Don’t bet on your favourite team, rather bet on the team that looks like a winner in particular conditions.

Bet on your Favourite Rugby League Sport

Now that you are aware of the basics of rugby league online betting, you can begin to expand your understanding of betting by placing real bets. After placing a few bets, you will be more assured and confident of your betting skills.

Sign up at your preferred online sports betting site and get started on a new adventure betting on rugby league!

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