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 Soccer is a hugely admired sport around the world and people from various parts of the world bet on important soccer events. Even though there are many sports to bet on, bettors are eager to bet on soccer because there are several bet types to choose from. This is contrary to some other sports that have limited betting options.

Most soccer bets are quite simple to understand and don’t require users to be extremely skilled in order to place them. This is definitely a positive thing for beginners who have just started their sports betting journey, and also for recreational users who usually bet for fun and want the process to be as simple and entertaining as possible. 

In this article, we discuss some of the most commonly used bet types in soccer:

Single Bet

Online Soccer Betting TypesAlso referred to as a straight bet, it is the easiest type of bet in which the bettors have to choose only the correct outcome of one match to win the bet.

1X2 Bet Types or Match Bet

This is one of the simplest and most common types of betting used by most bettors. It is also referred to as HDA (Home, Draw, Away). With 1X2 bet types, the bettors have the option to bet on three outcomes of the soccer match. Here, ‘1’ refers to the home team, ‘X’ refers to a draw match, and ‘2’ refers to the second team or the away team. In other words, the bettors are predicting either a home win, a draw, or a win for the away team. This bet is applicable for regular play time, including injury time.

Users also have the option of betting on three different time periods- ‘Full Time,’ ‘First Half’ and ‘Second Half.’ Full-time is the scheduled 90 minutes plus any added injury time. The First Half is the scheduled 45 minutes plus any added injury time, and Second Half is the scheduled 45 minutes plus any added injury time.

Double Chance Bet

A double-chance bet is one of the safest betting options. As the name indicates, this bet offers two chances to get the results right! You are required to select two of the three probable results, and you succeed if the outcome is either of those you have selected.

The double bet has lower odds than other bets since it is much safer and easier to win double-chance bets. With two chances to get the results right, players surely have better chances to win.

Correct Score Bet

As the name indicates, a ‘correct score’ is the type of bet where the bettors are required to bet on predicting the correct score of the match. This is definitely a difficult bet to place as it requires lots of focus and understanding of the teams in order to estimate the final match score. This is why this bet has high odds, meaning they offer to return amazing bonuses to bettors. It is also important to keep in mind that extra time is not applicable on this bet but regular plus injury time is counted.

Draw No Bet

This is another safe option for betting on soccer since users have two options from which they can choose. Players can bet on one of the teams to win; however, the draw is not available for betting. In case the game ends in a draw, the users will get back their bet back.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is a bit more complicated than other bets. Betting on the handicap is profitable when one team is greatly preferred over their challengers.

Handicap betting in soccer matches means that an advantage is given to one of the teams beforehand and it is applied to the final outcome of the match. In general, handicap stands for the number of goals or points that need to be added to the goals or points of a team for taking it into the bet’s account.

The handicap is added to the final score to determine the result of the match for the purpose of the bet. Most bookmakers let users select the number of goals to be awarded or subtracted and offer varying odds, depending on the bettor’s choice.

Over/Under Bet (Total Goals)

AlsSoccer Online Casinoso known as O/U, betting on total goals is quite easy to understand because there are only two probable conclusions. In order to win, the users are required to calculate if there will be more or less than the number of goals set by the bookmaker.

The simplicity of this bet makes it a popular bet. In addition, it offers them an easy way to make quick money. By taking into account the right factors, users are able to make a correct judgment about how many goals are likely to be scored in the match.

Both Teams to Score Bet

Also referred to as BTTS, this is a simple bet and a new option in football betting that can prove to be very beneficial for bettors. They simply need to choose between, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as the bet is all about guessing if one or both of the teams will score in the match before the scheduled 90 minutes are completed.

Half-Time/Full-Time Bet

The bet requires users to guess the results for both the halftime and full-time match. The result is written with a forward slash: half time / full time, and this bet offers nine possible combinations of bets. If you bet on one of the teams winning, you will not receive a payout on matches that are decided in extra time or by penalties.

Live Soccer Betting

In this type of betting, bettors are required to place a bet on matches while they are taking place. Instead of predicting what might happen before the match begins, the bettors can watch a portion of a match and then place their bets based on the performance of the teams as they play. Live betting definitely makes it easier for users to make the right judgments.

Bet on Your Favourite Soccer Team Today!

If you are a soccer enthusiast and want to make a fortune out of online betting, use these bet types and give yourself a better chance of making a profit at soccer online betting!

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