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Online Tennis Betting

Tennis Betting is famous around the world – in Australia, in Great Britain or in the United States. Online sports betting is for sure an interesting hobby. Plus, in some casinos you can get exciting bonuses just for the registration. People around the world are going crazy about this sport and online betting is getting more and more popular. It is a sport which requires its players to be skilled, fit and knowledge. It is full of excitement, there is time for crying and cheering, injuries happen very often and sometimes it is dramatic but if someone really enjoys tennis, they will enjoy all of that as well. You can try all of that at Australia Casino.

How to Bet on Tennis

There are of course rules which you must obey while betting online, however, the basic principles are very simple. You need to pick the winner of the tennis match, few matches separately or the whole tournament. Betting on separate matches is serious and it goes on the money line. There are also other options of betting, like who will win the first set, who will win the last one, if the match will have 2 or more sets for woman etc. Some of the online players like so called “parlay bets” which gives them a chance to win even more.

Overall Winner in Tennis Betting

It might not be easy to guess who will win the match even if you are up to date with all the results and players, however, if you do it right, you will win lots of money. There is no rule on how to bet to make it the best, sometimes your favorite player wins but sometimes they lose.

How Do Money Line Bets Work?

Money line bets are straight-up; favourite players get negative money lines and the other ones are given positive money lines. Here is the example:

  • Player A: -120 (favourite)
  • Player B: +14- (the weaker player)
  • Each of the two lines are based around $100 with the whole numbers meaning something different.

Negative Money Lines

Negative money line means an amount of money needed in bet to win $100. So according to the example, $120 bet will be needed on a player A to win $100 in profit with a total winning of $220.

Positive Money LinesTennis Betting with Online Casinos

Positive money line means an amount of money which the online player will win from a $100 wager. According to example, betting on player B will give you a $140 profit if the player is a winner. In total it would mean $240. Here, the $100 is used just for calculating – the actual bets can be of any other amount.

Future bets – how to make it right?

If you want to be successful in tennis betting, you should follow some rules and think about few things before placing your bet. This, actually, refers to all casino games you can possibly find.

  1. Think, if the player you want to bet on takes part in a high number of tournaments. If the player enters more tournaments, he or she doesn’t need to play against the world’s best players. Because of that, the player has a bigger chance to win smaller matches which put him or her higher on the list. On the other hand, they are some players who choose to take part only in big events, so they have fewer matches during the whole year. However, even if they are good, it doesn’t mean that they will win first place in the ranking.

  2. Injuries. It might seem not important at the beginning, but it is a very important issue if talking about tennis. Every time the player is injured, his or her chances to win might go down fast.

  3. Age of the player. It is obvious that the younger player is, the bigger chances to be in better shape. Usually, tennis players are in early to mid-20s. That is age assumed to be the best for that sport. Age is closely connected with people’s shape and the general condition of the organism which is a very important factor here

  4. Signing a new racket contract. Every single time when the player changes the racket, he or she changes everything. The racket is the tennis player’s tool and something that should perfectly suit the player. If there is a new racket company, the racket might be different for the player and he or she might need some time to get used to that. In that case, it is good to wait and see how the player is doing in the next few matches. If the results are good, you can sure bet on him or her, however, if the results are unsatisfactory, you should probably choose someone else.

There is also one more thing which is crucial for placing good bets – statistics. If you are following the results of the players, you know what is happening, who is good and who lost the last match, you will be able to place better bets. After some time, you will be able to say what weakness and strengths the player has and if it is worth betting on. If you feel interested, join a casino and bet with real money on your favourite players. Take a look at the exciting world of online betting and start the adventure right now.

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