John Grochowski

John Grochowski
“Empowering Gamblers with Knowledge and Strategy”
John Grochowski is a distinguished authority in the realm of gambling and gaming, recognized globally for his profound expertise. His acclaim was cemented in February 2017 when GamblingSites ranked him 9th among the top gambling experts worldwide, a testament to his deep understanding and influence in the field. John's journey in gaming journalism began in 1994 with a weekly column for the Chicago Sun-Times, marking him as the pioneering casino gambling columnist for a major U.S. newspaper, as noted by the Las Vegas Advisor. This role set the stage for over two decades of influential writing and analysis in the gaming world. Since publishing his first gambling book in 1996, John has authored more than ten seminal works, including titles such as The Casino Answer Book, The Video Poker Answer Book, The Craps Answer Book, and The Slot Machine Answer Book. These publications have not only contributed significantly to the literature on gambling but have also helped countless players to understand and navigate the complexities of casino games. What sets John apart is not just his longevity in the field but the breadth of his knowledge. Unlike many experts who specialize in a single area, John has dedicated his career to mastering and teaching a wide array of games and topics within the gambling industry. His work reflects a commitment to educating players across a spectrum of games, ensuring that his insights reach a broad and diverse audience. John Grochowski's contributions have undoubtedly shaped the way players and enthusiasts understand the world of gambling today.

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