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Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson

ecoCard is a payment solution which is offered by the company ecoPayz. This online payment solution is convenient, flexible, and transparent. This payment method is suitable for individuals and businesses. The two most important factors are the economical payment solutions and the high-end operating environment.

Regarding online casino payment options, we've done the homework for you here at CasinosHub, so simply read through to get the information you need about ecoCard.

Different Currencies

ecoPayz Vouchers and CardsIt is a wonderful way to send and receive money in various currencies out of the available casino banking options. Those who are gambling online using multiple websites might run into the issue of currency exchanges. If, for example, you rely upon your own bank to make a deposit from your original currency to the currency of the website, your bank might charge you not only for having to make this transition but a percentage of the total money you spend. By using this particular payment method you can circumvent that entire issue by sending and receiving it in all manner of currencies. This is equally beneficial when it comes time to withdraw your winnings. The same fees might apply to your financial institution when you take winnings from your gambling accounts and deposit them back into your financial accounts. People who have to deal with this end up getting charged twice, both when a deposit and when they make a withdrawal for playing online pokies. Using this particular payment method, you don’t face any of those problems.

How to Use the ecoCard casino payment method

If you have a credit or debit card which has a Visa or MasterCard logo on it then you can use this payment method after you play for real money. It is a fast and simple way to deposit winnings that casino and cashouts. There are two options at your disposal for using this card. The first is to buy a plastic, physical card, and use it the same way you would use a regular debit card. These cards come with the MasterCard logo so you can use it anywhere that MasterCard would be accepted. Alternatively, you can opt for the virtual card and then use the website as an electronic wallet so you can make online purchases or deposits. In order to create your account, you have to input basic information about yourself and then choose a course your password, and your username. You will need a valid email address to which your activation link will be sent. Once you confirm your link you can log onto the website and immediately link your existing credit cards to the account so you can make payments and deposit funds to your online casino literally within a few minutes.

Benefits of ecoCard online casino banking

This particular method is preferred by those who like to deposit funds with online casinos. Perhaps the main reason for this is that people are not required to disclose any confidential information, therefore the risks for security and privacy infiltration are significantly lower. All personal details and bank details remain heavily encrypted so every transaction is confidential.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to this card is that it functions as a convenient payment solution offering the same functions of a regular debit card would provide you but with better control over the spending. You don’t have to worry about accidentally spending more than you have and being hit with an overdraft fee because you can only spend what is physically loaded on the car. Anywhere that MasterCard is accepted, you can use this card. Basically, this card is not linked to your bank account so it is absolutely secure when you make your purchase especially if you make a purchase online, and is convenient. You don’t have to route your winnings from an online casino back through your bank account. Instead, you can make a deposit from your bank account once you set things up, and from then on use all of your winnings directly after sending them to the card. Many people prefer the separation for multiple reasons as it gives better control over the money they are using for gambling, and doesn’t mix it up with money that might be allocated for something else. Sign up and use a no deposit bonus and then deposit at an online casino and get your Sign Up Bonus.

Applying for the card is simple. You log into the account and ask that a card be issued. You should receive it within 21 days. Once it is delivered, just the same as a new debit card, you have to activate the card. You log into your account, put in your date of birth and the number on the card, and then you’re done. At this point, you can start making offline and online purchases with the card and you will not face any fee for applying for the card or setting it up. You can have up to three cards in different currencies so you can have one in British pounds, euros, or dollars. There is even an application that you can download to your smartphone and use to check your funds, make deposits, and more. Using it for online casinos is just as easy as using any other debit card or credit card so make sure the casinos you choose to accept your new ecoCard. 

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