iCheque – Fast and Reliable Casino Deposit Service That Respects Your Privacy

If you’re looking for a deposit method that’s quick and safe, you might wanna consider using iCheque. Developed by a small online payments company, this service quickly became popular among a huge number of casino players. That’s what attracted the attention of CashFlows, a heavyweight company dealing with online payments, which acquired iCheque a few years ago.

As a result of the merger, iCheque became even better. CashFlows invested a lot to make iCheque one of the safest online transaction methods in the world. Today, there aren’t many payment services that pay attention to users’ security and privacy as iCheque does.  

There’s another reason why iCheque is taking the world of online gambling by storm. This deposit method is extremely fast and reliable, with problems almost never happening. Even when certain disputes happen, they are resolved in a few moments’ time.  

How to Buy iCheque Vouchers?

Basically, iCheque is a service for online money transactions that offer vouchers that can be used for making casino deposits. The main advantage of using e-vouchers rather than credit/debit cards is privacy. When making casino deposits via iCheque vouchers, you don’t have to disclose your credit card information to the casino. Instead, in order to send the funds into your casino account, you just need to enter the info found on the voucher.

But, first, you need to buy an iCheque e-voucher. You can do this by visiting the website of any approved reseller, such as vouchershop.net. In order to be able to purchase a voucher, you will have to register an account. This is something that might involve adding your personal data and the informatiMaking online casino deposits via iChequeon necessary to provide your identity.

Once you’re done with the registration, you just need to choose the value of the voucher, as well as the currency. Speaking of currency, iCheque vouchers are available in three different currencies – EUR, USD, and GBP. The final step is to pay for the voucher, which you can do by using your credit/debit card.

Online Casino iCheque Deposits & Withdrawals

After buying an iCheque voucher, you can use it to make casino deposits. To do this, simply choose iCheque as your preferred deposit method and choose the amount of money you wish to deposit. You will then be asked to enter the voucher details, that is, the voucher code, which is between 16 and 25 digits long. Once you’re one, the funds should be in your casino account straight away.

Of course, this doesn’t only depend on iCheque, but the casino as well. Some online casinos take longer than others to process iCheque transactions. Still, generally speaking, the whole process should not take longer than a few minutes.

When it comes to withdrawals, iCheque currently doesn’t have this option. This is because the vouchers are non-reloadable, meaning that once you spend a voucher, you need to get another one. So, what should you do if you win real money by playing online casino games? You will need to pick another withdrawal method!

Most casinos offer VISA card withdrawals and wire transfers, while some also offer withdrawals to online wallets like Skrill or Neteller. That’s why our advice is to find the best online casinos as they usually have a number of different withdrawal methods at their disposal.

How to Find the Best iCheqMaking casino deposits by using iChequeue Casino Websites?

The truth is that not all online casinos allow this deposit method. However, those casinos which do are usually very reliable, as CashFlows is a company that only does business with reputable companies. Having iCheque as one of the available deposit methods is a sure sign that the online casino deserves your attention. 

If you don’t know how to find the casinos which accept iCheque, we have a good tip for you. Rather than wasting your time searching for them on Google, you can find them easily at CasinosHub online! Simply browse our casino reviews and find one that accepts this payment method!

The best thing is that some of the casinos reviewed on our website give away bonuses to the players using iCheque. You might be able to claim a lucrative Welcome Bonus on your first deposit made via an iCheque voucher.

Security & Support

When it comes to online money transactions, it is natural to be concerned about security. People want their transactions to be carried out free of any risk. That is one of the reasons why iCheque is getting quite a lot of attention recently. This payment service uses the finest security measures, which not only ensure the security of transactions but also keep user information confidential.

The legitimacy of this payment method is confirmed by the fact that iCheque is approved and regulated by FCA, a leading authority in the world of online payments. Furthermore, another thing that proves the dedication of this service to the customers’ satisfaction is their impressive live support system. Not only can you contact the company itself for any query that you might have regarding iCheque vouchers but you can also contact the seller who sold you the voucher.

On top of everything, if there’s some issue that needs to be solved quickly, you can ask your casino’s live support for assistance. However, the chance is that you probably won’t ever get in a need of doing that. It’s because iCheque is one of the most reliable payment methods in the world at the moment.

Looking for a casino deposit method that respects your privacy? Try out iCheque!

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