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If you are a person who is regularly getting your credit card declined when you try to make a deposit at an online casino is time to change your strategy. Perhaps you don’t have another option to make an online deposit so, you can now find an online casino that accepts prepaid cards. At CasinosHub, for example, you can utilize a prepaid card which functions almost the same as a credit card the biggest difference is that the credit card has a specific limit. With a prepaid card, you physically deposit real money on there that you have set aside specifically for things like online gambling. Prepaid cards have a stored value on the. It is full of whatever money you transfer to it and then that money can be used any place that a regular credit card is accepted. Most of these prepaid cards have the same types of logos on them like MasterCard or Visa and therefore can be accepted any place that these cards are accepted.

Biggest Benefits of Prepaid Cards 

Some of the biggest benefits associated with prepaid cards include the simple fact that you can make a deposit to your online casinos and be completely anonymous. Of all of the available online banking options, this offers a sense of complete security. Your personal details are not attached to this card directly so there is no concern about identity theft. In the event this should happen, you are only out the amount that is on the card if anything at all. You decide!

If you are using a traditional credit card, you can accumulate debt by depositing to your favourite casino. It can be easy to get lost in the depositing process and inadvertently go over budget - especially during a good bonus offer! Moreover, the money that you spent on your credit card accumulates interest. So the longer you go without repaying, the more debt you owe. You might try to use your credit card simply for covering a fixed amount of money that you are going to take out of your regular income, but if you miss that payment by even a day you end up spending more money than you originally deposited. In all of these situations, it takes away from your total winnings.

When you use a prepaid card for online gambling, you won’t have these issues. The prepaid card can be used to make a deposit after you initially add money to it. You can then use the prepaid card the same way you would a debit card or credit card with the funds that you have available. It won’t let you spend more than you have so you don’t have to worry about accidentally accumulating debt. You also have the advantage of playing in multiple currencies as many prepaid cards are offered around the world in dollars, euros, pounds, and others. These are particularly beneficial for people who might be dealing with multiple currencies because of where they live, where the location of the casino is, or where they travel a lot. They can still play online casino games without issue.

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These cards function slightly differently from regular debit cards which hold a specific amount of money on them because the prepaid card itself is not linked to an external account that is overseen by some sort of financial institution. Your debit card is linked to your bank account. Your prepaid card is anonymous, it is issued specifically to you as the account holder and all of the data related to your card is maintained on the servers and computers associated with the issuer of the card. That means no one else has access to this information as you play for real money wins. For some people being able to physically separate the money involved in online games is particularly important and this provides a way of doing that so that all the money you used to play in the winnings you get remains separate from other income.

Prepaid cards for your online casino accountSome Disadvantages

Making deposits to an online casino account with a prepaid card comes with the same benefits that you receive from making a deposit with a credit card. The deposit takes place instantly so access to that funding is available immediately, which is particularly important or time-sensitive chances to get online casino bonuses or other incentives. However, it is important to understand the faults of this popular deposit method. 

One example is that your depositing is limited to how much cash you have available on the card. On one hand, this is a positive aspect in that you feel more in control of your gaming budget. On the other hand, it can be a little inconvenient to have to recharge the card in the middle of your gaming sessions. In addition, some prepaid card companies do not allow reloading the card and you have to purchase a new card for every deposit. Which also means registering a new card each time you deposit into your casino account.

The other limitation involves your withdrawals. The majority of pre-paid credit card companies will not process reverse funds - eg. withdrawals. You would have to have an alternative method ready to go when you hit that jackpot! Not too inconvenient, as web wallets are easy enough to sign up for these days. It's just something to keep in mind when you choose pre-paid credit cards as a deposit method.

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