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Using Your Visa Online

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VISA is one of the most popular cards you can use for online payments. Like its famous rival MasterCard, it is possible to use VISA online as your preferred payment option for depositing funds to your online casino account. Based on statistics, an estimated 30 million transactions involving Visa cards are being done every single day. This number only shows how widely used and popular this method is. Not to mention, it offers a safe and secure cashless payment at any time.

Types of Visa Cards Available

Visa comes with a diverse selection of products and services to make it easier for both individuals and companies to conduct transactions in a safe and secure manner. The following are the types of cards that Visa offers:

  1. Credit Cards – Visa comes with a range of credit card products that provide excellent safety and flexibility to its users. One great advantage of using Visa credit cards is that it is possible to spread the repayments over a certain timeframe. Through this, users can have a chance of adapting their finances by the best means possible.
  2. Debit Cards – Visa debit cards provide easy access to their users at any given time. According to statistics, Europeans use Visa debit cards for spending more than €1.5 million every single minute! This number alone is enough proof to show how popular the Visa card is.
  3. Virtual Cards – Visa virtual cards can be used online, through the mail, or over the phone without a real plastic card. Basically, you are given your card account details which you can use later on to make purchases.
  4. Prepaid Cards – Visa prepaid cards are meant for customers who prefer pre-loading their cards with a fixed amount. The greatest advantage of a Visa prepaid card is that you aren’t linked to any bank account and there is a wide variety of Visa prepaid cards available for you to choose from.

Advantages of Using Visa for Online Casino Transactions

Visa is the current holder of 38% of the credit and 70% of the debit card market around the world. This goes to show that a Visa money transfer allows you to safely and securely deposit funds into your online casino account. There are many benefits of using a Visa card, either debit, credit, or prepaid. They are as follows:visa online

  1. Secure and Reliable – Visa cards have come a long way as being one of the most secure and reliable means of making purchases. With Visa, you can expect a secure transaction whether you’re shopping or conducting any transactions online. Basically, your card is encrypted, hence your personal information and other details are kept safe. Moreover, online casinos use high encryption to help keep you protected on both ends.
  2. Low Transaction Fee – Each time you make a Visa online deposit thru your Visa credit card, your bank may charge you a certain fee. In most cases, this is a surcharge fee that ranges from $2 up to 4% of your transacted amount. However, the fees will greatly depend on your bank, since they are the ones who will set the fees. In a prepaid card, however, the fees are even lower. You simply need to load your desired amount and most likely pay a very little fee. 
  3. Instant and Huge Deposits – Through a Visa credit card transfer, you can be able to make instant and huge deposits into your online casino account. This is in contrast with a bank transfer or cheque which will take a few hours or days to complete. Moreover, online casinos have high deposit limits on such cards considering that there are no waiting periods.

The advantage of using Visa cards, however, is that you are often tempted to spend more than what you have planned beforehand, especially when you’re using a Visa credit card.

Depositing Money through Visa Cards

Making deposits to your online casino account through Visa is quick, easy, and safe. Moreover, you can even choose to avail of no-deposit bonuses and welcome bonuses offered to you by an online casino. To make a deposit, you simply have to follow these steps:

  • Sign up for an account if you’re a first-time player. If you’re a returning player, click on the Cashier button to make a deposit.
  • Fill out any important details in the signup form.
  • Click “Visa” from the list of payment options given. You will be redirected to a page where you will need to fill up payment information.
  • Enter your desired amount.
  • Complete the transaction and start playing.

Check out our VISA Payment Method FAQ's for answers to all your VISA questions:


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