Credit Card – Safest Way Making Deposits at Online Casinos

Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson

Online casinos have a wide variety of payment options for their players to deposit and withdraw money. This means they have some other possibilities which they wouldn’t consider normally, such as e-wallet and prepaid cards. However, for most players, there is a familiar means of depositing money into their accounts, and that is through the use of credit cards.


Almost all online casinos accept credit card payments, but these are our top picks for players:


Credit cards are one of the most popular means of depositing money at online casinos that accept credit card payment options. This is due to the fact that transactions made using credit cards are quick and easy. While using a credit card might not be the best solution for everyone, they are without a doubt a proven means of depositing funds in a quick manner.

Using Credit Card Payment Methods at Online Casinos

Credit cards make it possible to start playing using real money at online casino sites almost immediately. In fact, almost every online casino out there allows credit card payment options, although the specifics could vary from one site to another. That said, there’s no guarantee which credit cards will work at a particular casino. 

If you really prefer using your credit card to play your favourite casino games online, you should keep in mind that the terms and conditions for each site regarding credit card options vary. For example, a particular card may be rejected at a particular casino, while the same card might be accepted by other sites. When it comes to using credit cards as your payment option, you have to find online casinos that accept credit card payment options.

Most Popular Credit Card Brands Used in Online Casinos

Not all credit cards have similar features when it comes to making online transactions in online casinos. Basically, the brand of your card will greatly impact its use. When it comes to the most popular brand of credit cards, Visa is considered to have the highest acceptance rate, while MasterCard comes in a close second. The reason is that they are the most widely used brands around the world, which is why online casinos would like to accept them if they can.

Visa credit cards have a higher approval rate when it comes to making an online casino transaction, although this will vary from card to card. The thing is, Visa and MasterCard are issued by a huge number of banks and financial institutions from all around the world. These same banks are the ones that set the policy regarding how these cards can be used. There are some that allow cards to be used for online gambling, although there are those that don’t. 

Another available credit card payment method, but one that is less commonly accepted, is American Express. You can find a few online casinos that accept AMEX cards, but they are way lower compared to Visa or MasterCard. Moreover, the acceptance rate for making transactions is a lot lower for American Express. The reason is that AMEX has a more centralized policy for their cards. That policy doesn’t really go well with the online gambling industry, which only means that they aren’t a reliable option for making transactions.

credit card payment options casinoThere are also other cards that might be accepted in certain casinos, although they are not that common. If you come across a casino that accepts cards like Diner’s Club or Discover, you might wanna try using that option. However, there is no guarantee that it will be accepted.

Using Credit Card Options When Playing from Overseas

Due to federal laws, players from many other countries, particularly the US, tend to suffer from low approval rates when using credit cards at online casinos even at licensed gambling sites. Just make sure your casino account remains tagged when you are playing from overseas, or you may find yourself temporarily locked out.

Regardless of that, there is really no downside in trying to use your credit card to make a deposit at your preferred online casino. Although you can expect that your transaction will be declined, which will cost you nothing. In the event it gets approved, then you will be able to start playing your favorite casino games right away! 

Check out our Credit Card Payment Method FAQ's for answers to all your Credit Card questions:

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