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Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
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Some people completely disregard gambling guides, books, and blogs and would rather watch poker pros and other casino aficionados do their thing live, online, or in real person. But what if the books are written by some of the best casino players on the planet? Suddenly, the perspective of reading a book or checking out some blog posts written by the hands of a poker millionaire sharing his secrets sounds a lot more appealing, right?

The truth is the best gambling books of all time are full of the most accurate and oftentimes surprising information, as well as top winning strategies that can help you up your game and win more often or at least limit your losses. If you are an amateur casino player looking for the best books for gambling from pros, try any of the following titles from the list below.

Become A Better Sports Punters With Stanford Wong's “Sharp Sports Betting”

This is, by far one of the most complete, detailed, and useful sports betting books out there that any novice sports punter should have on his bookshelf. Most sports betting books are usually easy to read since writers wish to simplify complicated notions and make their writing easier to digest by the least experienced punters. In reality, betting on sports can be quite a hassle, depending on the actual sport you are interested in. Unfortunately, this also oftentimes means that the quality and accuracy of the information have to suffer. This is not true when it comes to Wong's book, however. On the contrary, while you may have a more difficult time reading it cover to cover, you will definitely appreciate the difficult concepts you will discover there. You may need to consider re-reading some pages, especially on the chapters discussing how to manage your money, how to test W-L records, or how to use a simple match to place a straight bet, but it will be all worth it. The book will also teach you how to place online sports bets and how to manage seasonal wins, as well as introduce you to parlays and the allure of NFL money line, spread, or home-field bets. Big fan of the Super Bowl? The book has a special chapter dedicated to it, so make sure to check it out. The book has an overall positive outlook on sports betting and it could definitely be worth your time reading it.

Andrew Brisman's Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling: Winning Ways

This is an extremely dedicated and detailed book for casino players that many consider the be one of the best gambling books of all time. If you are looking for a good casino read, know that this 2004 release is still an excellent choice today, even though it does provide some information on games that are no longer that popular in 2020. For example, if you are familiar with the Let It Ride game of poker, this is a good example here. This title does not enjoy the same level of popularity and success now, even though the book has a full chapter on it. However, if you are utterly fascinated by all things poker-related, no matter how old or new, you should have no problem coming across these gems in the book. Plus, we are sure some of the most successful players at casinos for real money online are still holding on to this classic, so it can't hurt to familiarise yourself with it.

You will also have the pleasant surprise to find a full probability section that covers this important topic with the help of clear explanations. Read the book and you should learn how to play video poker, blackjack, pokies, roulette, keno or baccarat, to name a few of the other topics covered here. The book also teaches you how to bet on sports and the fact that Mensa is a worldwide known organisation made of geniuses with high IQ levels, you can expect the book to cover all topics from the POV of a genius. The good news is that the book is useful even if you are not part of MENSA. Rely on the advanced strategies you will find in this book and you should significantly improve your gameplay.

Blackjack Fans, Keep An Eye On The World's Greatest Blackjack Book

The book is written by Lance Humble, a former middle manager working for a corporation in the US. Lance got the idea for his book after discussing the matter of counting cards with the attorney of the company he was working for. The attorney introduced him to the world of card counting and Lance was swept off his feet ever since. He wanted to learn how to count cards himself and he ended up writing an entire book on it and, needless to say, the game of blackjack. If you love old-school writing styles, you are definitely going to love his interesting and rather dated writing.

While the author's writing style might be considered outdated, his tips and strategies are anything but. Learn how to cash in on Blackjack Gold, how to choose the best places to play blackjack, how to handle dealers, how to stay ahead of the game, and how to win using Hi-Opt I Play strategies. We guarantee you are also going to enjoy reading the anecdotes on Lawrence Revere, another fervent card counter.

These are just a few of the most successful gambling books we recommend you make time for in 2020. Make sure to test your newly learned strategies at the top online casinos we recommend for you on our site!

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