The Biggest Online Jackpot Slot Wins In The World

Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
Highest Ever Jackpot Wins

To give you an extra push to keep your spinning flame burning, here are a few of the most successful players who have won the biggest jackpot at a game of pokies for real money.

As a casino gambling aficionado or at least someone who enjoys wagering a few bucks online, you must have heard of at least one or two players who managed to do the impossible and win the big jackpot prize. How big? A few hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, depending on the stakes at the table or the size of the progressive jackpot displayed on the slot machine. It's a mind-blowing, dizziness-causing thought to wrap your mind around. Nonetheless, it does not make it any less real or palpable for those lucky players who were stricken by luck.

While such winners are not a rarity in the world of land venues, they tend to be less known and spoken of in the virtual gambling universe. As a passionate gambler online, you may need to spend more time digging around to come across news revealing the biggest online jackpot slots wins, for example.

To come to your help, we are going to introduce you to five of the greatest and luckiest pokies players who took home some serious bacon.

1. The 25-Cent Wager That Made A Scandinavian Player Filthy Rich

A simple 25-cent bet brought a man from Finland a whopping $24 million in return on a game of Mega Fortune back in 2013. he was using a Scandinavian online gambling platform at the time of the big event.

2. A UK Soldier Won $20,062,600 Playing Mega Moolah

In the fall of 2015, Jon Heywood, a 26-year-old soldier from the United Kingdom managed to win an incredible progressive jackpot worth £13,209,300 or the equivalent of $20,062,600 playing the Mega Moolah game. His plans? Spend at least some of it on some new sports cars and going on a holiday.

3. A Norwegian Student Who Had Trouble Sleeping Won $13 Million

He couldn't sleep, so he decided to grab his computer and play some progressive slot games online. He won a few free slot spins and he managed to hit the big jackpot with one of those free spins. Can you imagine going back to sleep after winning that kind of money?

4. Rawiri Pou Won $10 Million Playing Mega Moolah Progressive Slots

One fine day of June in 2016, Rawiri Pou from New Zealand decided to visit the online gambling site offered by Casino Land and try his luck at a game of pokies. He made up his mind on the Mega Moolah Progressive Slots game and he never regretted his decision. We won an amazing NZ $10,144,395 or the equivalent of 7 million Dollars. The lucky winner felt completely shocked and overwhelmed and expressed his desire to share his good fortune with his beloved family.

5. $8.8 Million Jackpot Won By An Anonymous Player On Mega Moolah

Did you ever grab your tablet on a lazy weekend afternoon and browse some slots games, trying to decide which one to play? We don't know how much time D.P. spent figuring out which game to play next, but we know she made the best decision of her life. On August 28, 2016, a female player using the initials D.P. joined Zodiac Casino online and initiated a game of Mega Moolah straight from her iPad. What's even more incredible about this win is the fact that the player only used a single €1 bet on the world-famous jackpot game.

While keeping her anonymity, D.P. managed to inspire someone to write a book about her, especially since she has been dreaming about becoming a millionaire for as long she could remember. So much that she even wrote herself a million-dollar check and placed it on the wall of her room so she could look at it every day.

Who says it's impossible to win a life-changing progressive jackpot from the comfort of your home or while commuting from work on a relaxed Friday afternoon? This is the beauty and appeal of online slot games – you never know when you could be the next big winner, so you might as well keep trying!

Lucky Games - Easy to Play!

For someone who loves to play slots or pokies, the idea of hitting a huge, life-changing progressive slot jackpot is the ultimate dream. There are casinos that specialise in offering large jackpots on popular games designed by the top game developers in the world. Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune are just a couple of the most rewarding progressive slots on the planet. What's even more interesting to know is that most of these “lucky” games for players are easy to play, do not require any complex strategies and advanced skills, and they are also cheap to play. Some of the most popular casinos on the web allow you to play these games using their free spin options. All you need to do is cross your fingers and hope for a wild symbol to make you a millionaire in the blink of an eye.

The best casino review platforms like the Australia Casino site reveal the most advantageous pokies for Aussie players to try. Get all the insights of the hottest casino venues online and get your hands on the biggest slot bonuses – all you need is that one stroke of luck.

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