Mega Fortune

Game Type - Video Slots
Release Date - 2017-06-01
4M Progressive Jackpot
Bonus Wheel
Scatters & Wild Symbols

Mega Fortune smacks of the opulence we all crave when we set out to play video slots. Get a hold of the best paylines and turn your aspirations into solid profit with NetEnt’s generous RTP pegged at 96.6%.

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Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
Mega Fortune Online Slot

Mega Fortune Online PokiesHave you ever wanted to have a glimpse of the good life? This means limos, yachts, jewellery of the largest magnitude. All of these come with the five reels and generous RTP available with Mega Fortune. But that’s not all. You can tap into a rich selection of extra features, including the progressive jackpot, a 5x multiplier, and a number of free spins, which will ultimately allow you to stack up your wins and leave your casino a genuine nouveau riche.

Our review focuses on all the finer aspects of the high life and Mega Fortune seems to have incarnated it well. This slot brings you 5 Reels and 25 Paylines along with the Mega Jackpot feature, which can turn a struggling gamer into a well-heeled nob.

NetEnt’s classic display has been crafted in distinctly venom green hours framed by gilded woodwork that adds this subtle rich look. Beyond that, you can manage your coin value with a few keystrokes. Feel like jumping straight to the big sums, that’s all possible with the Max Bet option. If you think that clicking the Spin Button is not becoming a rich figure such as yourself, then you can opt for the leisurely AutoPlay feature instead.

Certainly, Mega Fortune bonuses are also to be seen all over the place, albeit this will depend on the particular casino you are playing at. Rest assured that you will not have to sacrifice a single moment of your time to add to your bankroll in a convincing way, courtesy of the available freebies out there.

Mega Fortune Game Variants

The game is not exactly the sort of product you can replicate unpunished. NetEnt has created the most opulent incarnation of the rich-and-famous lifestyle all gamers aspire to. The Mega Fortune is the sole property of the good folk from NetEnt. Even then, you can certainly enjoy a practice player, which allows you to sift through the tantalizing sums at your own leisure without really having to worry much about any financial repercussions on your end.

How to Play – The Ins and Outs of Mega Fortune 

Online Pokies - Mega Fortune All slots for real money have their subtle aspects, which we are here to explore quite readily! For the most part, playing Mega Fortune is a straightforward affair. You spin the reels and hope that the bonus round ends up on display. The odds are rather slim of that happening, but chin up. The gameplay is pleasant enough. You hit the Spin Button to get your gaming on the way. If you think you need to nip out quickly to the next room but don’t really feel like interrupting your gaming, you can always choose the AutoPlay feature to see you through such difficult times.

What Sets Mega Fortune Apart – The Features

Mega Fortune is indeed quite a remarkable game. Some of its special features include free spins, a Mega Jackpot game, which is the dear of many a lucky gamer, and lastly the multiplier which may add to your profits five times their original amount. That’s certainly something. To trigger your bonus game feature, you will need to have three or more Wheel Symbols on your reels. One particularly handy option is the spacebar spin, which creates a more leisurely experience overall. Our experts here at CasinosHub found this particularly handy as they were exploring the gameplay.

Mega Fortune Symbols and their Significance 

If you are looking for the highest-paying symbol, that’s none other than the yacht, of course! If you end up adding as many as 5 on your payline, you stand to win 10,000x your original investment, which may afford you the opportunity to buy a real yacht. The significance of the yacht is two-fold. It also can be used as a Wild, substituting for all other symbols bar the Scatters. Overall, there are three Champagne Bottle Scatters that afford you the opportunity to pick your bonus, a random amount of spins. If you get a Scatter during a bonus round, you are still entitled to another bonus, depending on what you choose. You always get to choose from one of the three bottles.

Mega Fortune Game Rules and Strategies

The game plays easily. You will never find yourself sifting through any excessive gameplay as the glitz and glamour must carry on. In most cases, staking the maximum possible amount will bring the highest yield. However, you ought to ask yourself if your budget is tailored to the needs of that particularly crafty stratagem. You can stake between 0.20 of a given currency and up to 50, which makes Mega Fortune a rather more considerate game, to begin with. Why not devise your own slot strategies by playing in the practice mode?

Across All Platforms

Mega Fortune Bonus WheelNetEnt has been a staunch supporter of multi-play. You can find their products running on virtually every platform conceivable, so you won’t have any trouble firing up Mega Fortune on a tablet, smartphone, or desktop PC. There’s no difference between the platforms you choose to play from, as NetEnt upholds all its products to the same standard of care. You can even rely that the mobile iterations often end up slightly more intuitive and intriguing than the original.

Mega Fortune Inspiring Software

The underlying technology is of NetEnt’s design. Most games developed by the studio feature intros, which is not just squandering money. It’s their commitment and one that goes to show just how seriously NetEnt takes their games. The gameplay is smooth; whether you tap or click, you will never run into a problem with the game itself. 

Our Opinion on Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is a quintessential video slot. Inspired by the glitz of Las Vegas, it’s hard to deprive yourself of a glimpse of the high life you could be living. With generous paylines, many opportunities to multiply your profits, and a staggering cross-casino jackpot, you will definitely want to give Mega Fortune your full attention.

Start Living the High Life with Mega Fortune!


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