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Fun Themed Slots: Slots That Entertain

Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
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The Upside of Online Casinos

There’s an undeniable allure to visiting casinos – the lights, the nervous excitement in the air, the ‘ka-ching’ of winnings, and the whoops of delight. But there are a few disadvantages to it that are driving more and more people to online casinos, where they can play their favourite online real money pokies in the comfortable surroundings of their homes.

I for one hate the idea of having to get into a car, drive to the nearest casino, spend time searching for parking, and then wait in line as someone hogs three slots at a time. It costs money to get there, to park, to have a drink or something to eat and often I leave annoyed. But not with online casinos!

In the comfort of my own home, in my nightgown, if I so choose, I can spend as much time as I want to find my favourite slots and discovering new ones, and playing ones I really enjoy, like Playboy Video Slot, one of my all-time favourite themed slots, without a queue of bettors behind me, rushing me on so they too can play.

There is a huge buzz around online casinos and they are becoming more popular because of the variety of the games, the online security, huge wins, loads of bonuses, and the opportunity to try new games in ‘free mode’.

‘Slots’ to Choose From

Crazy 88 - a Japanese Anime style slotYou will find that the security software for online casinos is as good, if not better than traditional casinos. For you to enjoy it as much as possible it is a good idea to do some research to ensure you are in one of the credible casinos.

Have a look at:

  • Whether or not your currency is allowed
  • What deposit/withdrawal methods are allowed
  • Their bonus promotions
  • Available live chat support

Slots for Fun

I’ve had a chance to discover some really fun slots since playing online; ones I probably wouldn’t have even tried in normal surroundings. Here are my all-time favourite slots for fun, which I think you’ll like too.


Based on the best Sci-Fi movie franchise of all time, Aliens is a video slot set against a brooding atmosphere filled with alien activity. With brilliant 3D graphics, the game is a combination of real-time animation and a traditional slot setup. The symbols are a collection of characters from the movie, including monsters and aliens, as well as eggs. The game has 5 reels and 15 pay lines with three new levels. Each one has its own challenges as well as rewards as you try and make your way to the Queen Hive. It’s challenging and filled with suspense but the winnings are worth it.

Playboy Video Slot

Grab your red robe and start winning over the ladies with Playboy Video Slot. You’ll meet four gorgeous ladies, Kimi, Sofia, Ashley, and Jillian, who hold your fate in their hands.  Treat them nicely and you could win time.

With over 240 ways to win and each of the ladies offering you different bonuses, spins, and a wild night out you are in for the time of your life. Microgaming has put a lot of time and effort into the artwork, which provides a tasteful playing experience and they have managed to recreate the atmosphere of the mansion with all its glitz and glamour while giving you a fun online playing experience.

It’s jam-packed with lovely ladies, wild nights, and a series of bonus plays.

GGame of Thrones Slot Gameame of Thrones

Another fun slot from Microgaming is Game of Thrones. If you love the HBO series then you’ll enjoy this.  Incorporating the various characters from the TV show you can join a side and defeat the others or you can go it alone and get on the Iron throne yourself.

The payouts are big, with even bigger bonuses including a Wild Bonus, Stacked Wild Bonus, Scatter Bonus plus a whole lot more.

As online casinos become more popular so does the security and the winnings. The advantages to it are you don’t have to leave home, you get to play in free mode and there are more chances of winning. It’s worth checking it out, especially Playboy Video Slot. It’s got glitz, glamour, gorgeous girls and definitely the most fun you’ll have to wear a gown and slippers.

Movie-Themed Slots: Stories We Love, Now as Games

Slotfather fun themed slotsA majority of exciting slot games are now based on movies and you can play these slots for real money or for fun. Movie-themed slots remain a favourite among casino lovers because the players are familiar with the graphics, characters, and soundtracks of movies.

Jurassic Park by Microgaming is a famous slot, which features five reels and 243 paylines, and an adventurous storyline. Other famous slots include Slotfather (based on The Godfather) Batman, Planet of the Apes, Dirty Dancing, and Top Gun.

Movies are the best source of our entertainment and therefore it is no wonder that slots based on movies become an instant hit among players. No matter what movie-themed slot you decide to play, the backdrop, animation, characters, symbols, and overall ambiance provide you with the same atmosphere as the actual movies.  

Cartoon-Themed Slots: Breathe life into Your Good Old Days

As kids, we used to watch TV whenever a cartoon movie was shown. Considering this, game providers took this as inspiration to create slots so they could provide us with hours of entertainment. With the ongoing craze of pokies among players, several game providers use this formula of converting famous classic cartoons into new and exciting slots.

One of the popular cartoon-themed slots is Pink Panther from Playtech, available as 50 paylines and a five-reel game. Other similar slots include The Incredible Hulk, Beauty and the Beast, and Little Man.

Magic-Themed Slots: Explore the Spooky Excitement

Everybody is fascinated by magic whether a kid, young or adult. This is why several reputed gaming software developers focus on the creation of magic-themed slots to cater to players of all groups. These include mysterious game symbols like spell books, potions, magic wands, skulls, and cauldrons to make the backdrop more fascinating and spooky, especially for fans of the craft.

Although you will find many magical slots at online casinos, a few of the famous names include the Wild Wizard Slot, Lucky Witch, Seven Deadly Sins, and Witch Picking Slot.

Music-Themed Slots: Keep You Entertained with Melodious Music

Music plays an important role in all of our lives. People often turn to music to keep them joyful and happy in the ups and downs of life. Music has such a vast impact on your feelings. Keeping this in mind, game developers have created amazing music-themed slots for music lovers. Gun N’ Roses, Elvis Top 20, Samba Brazil, Kiss Slot, and Marilyn Monroe are a few of the favourites of many players.

Not only do these melodious slots have several thrilling and engaging elements, but you’re also able to get pleasure from the melodic tunes from songs created by these loved musicians.

History-Themed Slots: Delve into the World of Old

Vikings history themed slotAnother popular theme for slots is one that is inspired by several historical eras. We have all learned about historical and ancient cultures, which makes these slots familiar to us. They give a mysterious and exhilarating feel about them, making them more appealing to players.

Although the most famous historical themes include Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome themes, players also love slots on the Korean War and World Wars. These themes take players to the adventurous world of treasures, Pharaohs, and mystical figures. Amazing graphics, stunning animations, beautiful backdrops, and exciting soundtracks all add to the main attractions for players. This keeps players engaged for a long time and entertained. VikingsSpirit of the Inca, and Temple of Tut.

The Rising Popularity of Fun-Themed Slots

With the progression of casinos in the online world, the need arose for making games more interesting for players so that they keep coming back for more. This is why game developers are making games (especially pokies) more entertaining by basing them on exciting themes. Now, you can find slots based on anything from super hit movies, cartoons, superheroes, history, and even thrillers.

It can be safely said that today, there is something out there that fits into the expectation of just about every casino player.

If you too are a pokies lover and are looking for your desired themed slot, visit one of our recommended online casinos, and find the one that rekindles your childhood memories and that keeps you amused for hours after you have finished playing.



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