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The Game of Bingo in Movies

Henry Tamburin
by Henry Tamburin
The Game of Bingo in Movies

Thanks to online casino websites, players have instant access to a wide variety of online bingo games. Bingo's humble gameplay makes it one of the most straightforward and enjoyable casual games. The games are legal in many regions and some countries have nationwide games with draws aired on local TV shows. Bingo is also fairly easy to play, although it lacks the glamour of poker and other popular casino games. Most players think of bingo as anything but cinematic. Surprisingly, bingo scenes have made their way to movies, films, and television shows, regardless of the genre. You'll find the game of bingo in all kinds of movies, ranging from comedy to chilling horrors.

Enjoying the Game of Bingo

Bingo is a classic game and you can still walk into a brick-and-mortar bingo hall to play it. However, online casinos pushed the game to new heights, cementing its place as one of the most popular casino products. DIYers can also create their own bingo movie nights for fun games and sleepovers. There are many variants of the game, which are very easy to understand and play even with no background experience. It has also had varied periods of popularity in different regions but television adverts and live draw shows in the late 1990s into the 21st Century sparked an era of great interest in the game.

Over the past few years, bingo has become more of an online casino game and it is still very common among casual and seasoned gamers. Since movies tend to capture aspects of what goes on around the communities, bingo is bound to appear in some movie scenes. Many classic and contemporary films feature scenes involving bingo games, magazine adverts, national draws, and other aspects. Integrating bingo games and classic movie nights are also popular as a pastime and fun group activity. Players can purchase cards and go on with other fun activities while waiting for the draw. Even better, you can recreate the game to enjoy with friends, although this requires some thought to pull off.

Movies with Bingo Games

Bingo scenes started appearing in movies long before the internet. However, bingo faded out and its resurgence was because of modern online casinos offering instant bingo on mobile and PC. Many movies feature a bingo scene. Here are some that capture the best of both online and offline bingo games:

Bad Grandpa: Aired in 2013, Bad Grandpa has some of the best bingo scenes as the main character, does a lot of things wrong at a bingo hall, including drinking the fluid in the bingo card market. The entire film is about what not to do in a bingo hall and takes a comic twist, which is characteristic of its creators, the Jackass Crew.

Hotel Transylvania: This is another movie with a bingo scene, featuring balls depicted in small skulls with numbers. The game has animated characters showing the game's fun element to a younger audience while appealing to all ages. It is also a movie worth watching with all members of the family.

The Babadook: This is a rather odd appearance, as most people wouldn't expect bingo in a psychological thriller-horror movie. However, horror lovers have a chance to learn a couple of things about how to play the game of bingo.

Bingo is a global hobby and there are thousands of movies that feature a scene with characters playing the game. Some movies are centered on bingo, while others feature one or two scenes. As such, movies don't provide enough to learn how bingo works. Instead, players interested in bingo games can explore free games online to familiarize themselves with the gameplay.

Playing Bingo Games Online

Bingo halls still exist in Australia and there are many online bingo casinos, so players have a choice. If you are ready to start playing bingo, it is as simple as signing up for an account with a reputable online casino. This calls for a careful review of all offers.  Not all casino sites are worth joining and with so many offers, players can take advantage of lucrative welcome bonuses and high-quality gambling services. Here's a quick guide on how to play online bingo games:

Register: Sign up for an account with a trusted online bingo casino, preferably one with a valid gambling license, games certified for fair results, reliable support, secure payments, and a growing reputation among players.

Purchase Cards: If you know how to play bingo, you can immediately check out existing games and purchase a bingo card to cross off your numbers. If you are new, you can explore demo bingo games as you learn the gameplay rules.

Play: Online bingo exists as free games and real money bingo games. If you intend to win money playing bingo, make sure you join real money casinos. You'll also need to deposit funds into your casino account.

Players can access online bingo games around the clock. There are various bingo variants and bankroll strategies, so it is advisable to take it step-by-step and focus on enjoying the game. Nonetheless, bingo is a game of luck, so you can win on your first try.


The game of bingo has crossed from traditional bingo halls to the virtual world of online casinos. Players can enjoy the game offline in land-based casinos or online through casino apps and websites. As a popular game, movies and TV shows are expected to continue featuring scenes of the game, depicted in all sorts of ways, depending on the film’s theme.

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