Henry Tamburin

Henry Tamburin
“Mastering the Game with Science and Strategy”
Henry Tamburin stands as a towering figure in the realm of blackjack, celebrated for his authoritative book, Blackjack: Take the Money and Run. His expertise extends beyond the blackjack table, with significant contributions to the wider casino gaming field through his authorship of Learn How To Win With Ten Best Casino Bets, along with over 700 articles on casino games such as video poker and craps. His insights have graced the pages of notable publications like The Gambler Magazine, Gaming South Magazine, Strictly Slots, and Casino Player Magazine. Currently, Henry serves as the editor of the Blackjack Insider newsletter and spearheads the comprehensive gaming resource, www.smartgaming.com. His profound understanding of mathematics, bolstered by a PhD in chemistry, has enabled him to develop innovative strategies for blackjack. These strategies are not only mathematically sound but are designed to minimize the house edge dramatically. Henry's workshops and seminars are highly sought after across the United States, where he shares his knowledge with both novices and seasoned players, demonstrating his commitment to elevating the game for all. The genesis of Henry's passion for blackjack is as memorable as his career. It began in Las Vegas, on a trip with his wife, when a casual attempt to pass time at a blackjack table sparked a lifelong journey. Despite an initial setback, Henry's resolve only strengthened, propelling him on a path to become one of the game's preeminent experts. Henry Tamburin's story is not just about his triumphs at the table; it's a testament to the power of determination and the application of intellect to master one of the casino's most iconic games.

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