How Online Casinos Use AI Technology

Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
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Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
How Online Real Money Casinos Use AI Technology

In an attempt to streamline their operations, speed up their processes, enhance their presence in the industry, and eventually reach out to more customers with superior products and services, companies from all industries choose to embrace fresh and exciting technologies. Among them is the eye-catching Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that enables users to spark innovations in all fields.

How is AI implemented in some of the most popular industries and what does the future hold? Let's find out!

Banking - Enhanced Protection for Card Holders

AI has created a series of excellent pattern recognition capacities with excellent benefits for finance technology. A large number of banking and credit institutions worldwide have embraced AI as a means of catching fraud and protecting customers’ confidential data and money. This is done by considerably shortening the time needed for a cardholder to observe strange transactions on their accounts. With the help of AI, cardholders can instantly recognise any type of suspicious activity as soon as it happens and act accordingly.

AI is good at recognising unusual shipping and IP addresses, triggering all suspicious purchasing behaviors to prompt the AI to stop the transactions and proceed to check their legitimacy prior to giving it the green light.

The Food Industry - Simplified Harvesting with Farming Robots

AI has led to the creation of robots that rely on deep learning and computer vision to find ripe apples in orchards and pick them off the trees one by one. A single robot is capable of harvesting nine apples per minute with dedicated claws.

AI can also be used to harvest any other types of fruits and vegetables with the help of similar farming robots expected to support the constantly growing demand for fresh food.

Fully Immersive Online Gambling, Better Player Protection

How Online Real Money Casinos Use AI Technology

The application of AI in the constantly evolving gambling industry has also triggered an impressive number of fruitful effects for operators, developers, and players alike. One of the most important uses of AI in gambling is tied to spotting potential problem gamblers and preventing them from accessing or limiting their access to online casinos for real money.

AI also helps gambling operators provide better customer service and create more immersive and realistic gaming experiences that are fully customised to match players’ gambling habits registered and observed by the technology.

This is done by analyzing large volumes of data related to players’ betting patterns along with their financial transactions. When an AI-powered casino identifies a player at risk of developing a gambling problem, it can use this precious information to supply them with the necessary resources and support needed to overcome their gambling addiction.

With the help of dedicated chatbots, casinos’ customer support services can also be significantly improved and streamlined for round-the-clock, 24-hour solutions. AI-powered casinos also provide highly realistic and immersive experiences to players by allowing them to get lost in virtual casino worlds.

AI Can Be Used to Predict Maintenance Needs

Industrial vehicles such as the ones part of the construction industry need periodical maintenance and upkeep in order to remain fully operational. When a major repair is needed, it can cost companies a lot of money.

AI helps simplify and speed up the upkeep while keeping its costs to a minimum. This is done via internet of things (IoT) sensors that accurately trace a vehicle’s performance in real-time over longer periods and detect all fluctuations that could show it is time to schedule a maintenance job.

In return, this enables vehicle operators to complete the necessary tune-ups and small repairs prior to a major repair being deemed necessary.

AI Robots Can Teach Social Skills

While a paradox in itself, AI has helped create robots that can be used as companions for children, teaching them important life and social skills. Among them are empathy, respect, and kindness, which are taught through engaging playtime, meditation, or drawing sessions. Given the increased popularity of homeschooling and online schools worldwide, we can expect to see more and more such AI robots that rely on natural language processing be created and sold in the near future.

What the Future Holds

AI technology and its dedicated language are likely to gain even more popularity in a larger number of industries and fields in the upcoming years. Thanks to their amazing potential to create robots and technologies that can replace, speed up, or perfect error-prone human operations, AI technologies are likely to be embraced by even more companies in the future.

Anything from harvesting fruits to preparing and serving coffee, playing with children, keeping online real money pokies fair and fun, and offering bespoke services in the rapidly-changing online gambling industry can be accomplished with the help of this state-of-the-art technology.

It is safe to say that fresh approaches on how to better implement AI are expected to drive more research and encourage development in the field. We are looking forward to seeing even more creative applications be put into practice, and we are sure we are not the only ones.

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