ICE London Conference – Everything You Need To Know

Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
ICE London 2020

 What is The ICE London Conference?

The ICE London Conference is an event where the gaming industry elite come together, analyze the future of online gaming, display new release games, and generally discuss everything to do with how the gaming world is evolving. It really is a fantastic event that gives key insights into online gaming, but perhaps most importantly - gives casino players a behind-the-scenes look at what they can expect throughout 2020.

Details of the Event

The event will take place in London between the 4th and the 6th of February, 2020. The actual venue for the event is the Excel Centre, in the heart of London. Given that it is a three-day event, we are certain that it will be action-packed, and the knowledge that can be obtained at these sorts of events does justify the ticket price.

Who Will be There?

We've mentioned that some of the best in the industry will be there throughout the three days, but as a casino gamer you no doubt want to know what software providers will be there, and what information they will be sharing. It has already been confirmed that the following categories will be analyzed in-depth at the event: sports betting, online casino games, online payments, mobile betting, and even lottery games. Some of the providers that will be discussing these categories are identified right here:


This online gaming giant has stated that they plan to announce the release of 12 new games at the conference, which online casinos will start to roll out in 2020. Games such as 'Aurora Beast Hunter' will be shown there, and several other games will be receiving a bit of a makeover. All of these games will be revealed during the event, and what's more - all of these games will be shown through a live DJ performance. How much more fun could you ask for?


As one of our Australia's favourite online casino providers, the event wouldn't be complete without Aristocrat. They will also have a dedicated booth at the event, and some games that they are expected to showcase themed games including Winter is Here (Game of Thrones), Star Trek, and The Walking Dead III. Aristocrat's offering certainly isn't limited to just themed games, however, as there is a lot of hype right now about other titles such as Big Red Gold and Buffalo Gold (multiple varieties). These are just the games that we know will be showcased, but there will no doubt be many more.


Betsoft is one of the kings of online slot games, and they are scheduled to unveil plenty of new games at the ICE conference. They will no doubt have one of the most exciting stands at the event, as they've publicly stated that they will be showcasing the full Betsoft catalogue - fairly exciting for any online gamer! You will even be able to demo some of the soon-to-be-released games, such as Super Sweets, an online slot game with 10 payout lines and 5 reels. There are also rumours of other games like Total Overdrive, as well as updates on existing games like Dragon and Phoenix. It's just going to be a melting pot of gaming giants, and it is one of the key events of the year for online casino enthusiasts.

What Else Will be Happening at the Event?

  • Glimpses at futuristic technology
The event itself really will be a bit of an open book, with potential ideas and possible software adaptations on full view for attendees. There will actually be more than 600 solutions that are discussed and shown at the event, which isn't a small amount by anyone's standards!
  • One-on-one meetings
Whether one wants to sit down with the CEO of a gambling company or have a chat with some suppliers of the most cutting-edge software on the market in 2020, this can be done at the ICE event. Many companies, especially the providers mentioned earlier will have highly interactive booths, where attendees can try games and ask any question they like.
  • A fun weekend of hospitality
Yes, taking the event seriously and finding out about new games to advance your own online gaming knowledge is great, but having fun is the most important thing. The ICE event has VIP sections that you can get stuck into, an eSports arena where you can watch enthralling competitions, and just a general vibe that you wouldn't normally get at other events.

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