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Famous and Influential Personalities Who Love To Gamble

Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
Famous and Influential Personalities Who Love To Gamble

If you have never set foot in a famous casino in Melbourne or Sydney, you might not be familiar with the type of crowd that regularly goes here. To your surprise, you should know that you will often times have the chance to see or even meet some really famous and influential celebrities there, looking for a quick bet or a long and fun night out playing roulette with their friends. Ranging from famous tennis players trying to unwind in between two Australian Open events, comedians enjoying a few hands of poker and movie stars playing like pros at the blackjack table, the Crown Casino in Melbourne is one of the leading land venues where you are highly likely to come across all these – and more.

Without a doubt, casinos Down Under are renown for being extremely fun and entertaining, not to mention the fact that they are located in the immediate vicinity of luxurious accommodation in 5-star hotels, so spotting a celeb in front of a pokies machine or at the poker table should really be of no surprise. Celebrities are, after all, people who love to have fun just like the rest of us, so why would they not appreciate some of the most captivating and entertaining games on the planet too?

AFL Brendan Fevola Loves To Play Poker

Unfortunately, famous AFL star Brendan Fevola is also one of the celeb problem gamblers who has been involved in a few scandals in his private life, even though the player always shines on the field and shows impeccable skills and determination. He once got into a bar brawl at the Crown Casino and admitted to having a gambling problem back in 2011. This only comes to show that it is important to always keep a clear head and use gambling as a means of having fun. Real money online casinos that offer games with small stakes or free variants of popular games are an excellent means of doing this.

Cricket Star Shane Warne Loves A Good Bet

Whether you are a big fan of cricket or not, you must be familiar with Shane Warne and his incredible career path and accomplishments. What you might not know, however, is that Warnie is one of the former ambassadors for Club 23 at Crown Casino in Melbourne, where he was known for hosting the best charity poker events. The player that was once named the best cricket player in the world also appears to personally like to sit behind a casino table and enjoy a few hands with other famous celebrities, as his Instagram feed generously shows.

Former Today Host Karl Stefanovic Hits The Pokies

Former Today show host Karl Stefanovic is another controversial celeb in Australia on the list of Aussies who gamble, particularly known for his stubbornness of not taking orders from anyone, which was also the main reason why he was taken off the show. Stefanovic even received this bad news when he was on his honeymoon. He also apparently likes to wager from time to time and he was seen hitting the pokie machines soon after he was fired from the show he was hosting. He is friends with Crown brand owner James Packer and decided to celebrate his 40th birthday at the same casino a few years ago.

Nicole Kidman Has A Secret Gambling Talent

Nicole Kidman is known as being a good and disciplined gambler who likes to visit Sin City every time she has the chance. Her husband is apparently equally interested in gambling as he oftentimes accompanies her there. The famous actress apparently has a gambling "secret" that is really more a thing of common sense: she is cautious with her money and only chooses to wager small and limited amounts while quitting while she is still on a winning streak and way ahead.

Charlie Sheen

The leading star from the 'Two And A Half Men' TV show first discovered his passion for casinos when he was just a teenager and his interest for gambling never went away. The actor used to spend more than $20.000 a week on his love for wagering, with millions of dollars in total spent on poker and sports betting. There is even a rumour that claims he has played casino online while on the way to the hospital where his daughter was about to be born.

NBA Star Michael Jordan Lost $5 Million Playing Craps

Michael Jordan is one of the most famous personalities who love to gamble, even though he might not have been equally successful at it as he was on the court. Back in 1993, he apparently lost $163.000 in Atlantic City, with lots of voices claiming he even retired because of his gambling problem. Other crazy rumours about the famous basketball player claim he was in Las Vegas, partying with fellow colleagues and he had such an obsession for the game of craps that he kept betting until he lost $5 million in total.

Ben Affleck Loves Card Games

Another one of the personalities who love to gamble we want to mention today is Ben Affleck, famous Hollywood actor who apparently loves card games and never misses out on a chance to engage in them. He is best known for his interest in blackjack and poker and rumour has it that he lost $400.000 playing poker, which is when he also decided to seek help for his gambling problems. He is also a card counter thanks to his powerful memory, which got him kicked out of the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel in Vegas a few years ago. Before he was kicked out, he had won $2 million in only two trips to Vegas.

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