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by Jack Harris
Tiktok casinos online

With 656 million downloads and one billion people turning to it for entertainment in 2021 alone, TikTok has received the title for the most downloaded app of the year. Used to create and share short videos online, the app has also recorded a resounding success in Australia. The General Manager for TikTok Australia and New Zealand, Lee Hunter, called 2021 “an incredible one” for the Aussie community on TikTok. Most Australians use TikTok to share their skills and passions while celebrating the unique, cheeky, creative, and fun Australian spirit and personality. Since gambling and casino games, in general, are a huge part of the Aussie lifestyle, there is no surprise these topics have also found their way into the hottest TikTok trending options.

From regular players with a passion for making TikToks while playing their favourite real money pokies to land and online casinos for real money dedicated to Aussies, the platform is home to rich and interesting gambling content waiting to be discovered.

What Do Gamers and Punters Do On TikTok?Tik Tok on mobile

Thanks to the undeniable accessibility and convenience of today's online casinos, there is a constantly growing number of people that choose to take their gambling online. Virtual casino players can enjoy all the benefits of playing at top online casinos for real money in Australia from the comfort of their own homes, without the inconvenience of having to travel to a land venue.

TikTok is a platform where punters and gamblers can come across videos of other creators sharing their own gambling experiences while playing games in real time. These videos are anywhere between 15 seconds to 3 minutes and they can be used as educational tools that teach viewers the rules of a game, introduce gameplay elements and potential earnings, and even discuss ratings of casino sites or games. Many of these videos are packed with humour and irony which are mandatory for Aussie punters. This way, viewers can get a better understanding of the online casino or game they are being introduced to, while also enjoying a more engaging and humorous experience. More often than not, you will see gambling-themed TikTok videos where the pressure of a game of roulette or pokies is turned into a funny parody thanks to the creator's wit.

Casinos for Real Money on Tik-Tok

Gambling operators use the video app for its convenience in developing effortless advertising strategies. Casinos can easily take their pick from a vast selection of background songs from famous casino-themed movies and set the right mood for their gambling videos that educate viewers about their games, services, special bonuses, or features.

Since casinos are not just about the gaming itself, but also about the entertainment experience, lots of casinos for real money on TikTok choose to introduce viewers to their luxury decors, engaging ambience, friendly dealers, croupiers, tasty food and drinks, and fellow players. You will oftentimes see TikToks of dealers or croupiers taking close-ups of spinning wheels or shuffling cards to show their allure in real time. There are even videos of dealers creating ASMR content with the soothing sound of rolling dice or shuffling decks of cards.

Famous TikTokers Who Make Casino Videos

Many Australians and players from other parts of the world have started to use the TikTok app to share their raw, happy, or less fortunate personal experiences while playing their favourite casino games online, with special emphasis on pokies. Some users dedicate their entire TikTok channels to creating exclusive casino content where they reveal their secrets, and share their personal insights, special tricks, and unique skills when playing games. Some of them manage to gather tens of thousands of followers, with names like Tessa Brooks, Lauren Roussel, and Kaitlyn Henson worth mentioning. Other smaller accounts that still have thousands of followers, film pokie win compilations in Australian land or online casinos and share them with fellow TikTokers. You will usually find these videos accompanied by suggestive hashtags such as #bigwins, #pokiewinsaustralia, #majorjackpot, and so on.

There is always the possibility of a popular casino TikToker receiving sponsorship from a reputable casino operator to promote their games. These sponsorships usually depend on the number of likes and followers the content creator managed to attract, which is why TikTokers are constantly trying to come up with one-of-a-kind, never seen content.

Big or small, all of these gambling TikTokers understand that by creating unique, highly interactive, captivating, and useful content, they can grab the attention of a larger audience. This will, in turn, bring them more followers. The same goes for operators who choose the video app to launch new games, bust myths, make their casino more popular, and attract more players, as long as they do it in a musical, educational, or humorous manner.

TikTok's potential will continue to be harnessed by a variety of content creators and regular people looking to monetise their entertaining skills and talents. Since the world of virtual gambling is also constantly evolving and intertwining with new social media platforms, TikTok casinos online certainly have a bright future ahead.

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