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Casinos on Social Media – Practice Your Gambling Skills for Free!

Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson

Social media has become Playing casino games on social media an integral part of many people’s lives. The main purpose of social networks is to keep people connected with each other, but that doesn’t mean that these sites can’t be used for other things as well. Some people use them for business, others to have fun. Lately, some users have started using sites like Facebook, Bebo, and Google+ to play their favourite casino games.  

Actually, the future of online casino games seems to be on social media. Even today, millions of users are using social media for online gambling, but their number is expected to go up in the upcoming years. The reason is simple – playing social media online casino is fun! You can play all kinds of casino games together with your friend, either with real money or completely free of charge.  

Playing for Free at Social Media Casinos

A great thing about social media sites like Facebook is that it allows you to play free casino games, such as online slots, lottery, blackjack, baccarat, poker, and many others. By playing these games for free, you can have fun, but also learn their rules in detail and polish your gambling skills.

Some card games, like Texas Hold’em, require skills and tactical knowledge, which you can brush up without wasting your money. Others, which rely only on luck, can bring you hours of enjoyment if you play them via Facebook or some other social network.

Speaking of fun, the casinos on social media allow you to play virtual casino games with or against your friends, in the same manner, you would in person. But, there’s one difference – social media gambling allows you to play casino games even with those friends who live far away from you.  

Furthermore, you can choose literally any casino game out there, which is impossible in a traditional brick-and-mortar casino. This is because a number of online casino games are created especially for online use.   

Which Social Media Sites Allow Real-Money Gambling?

Apart from playing social media casino games for free, you can enjoy real-money casino gambling as well on certain websites. Facebook, for example, allows gambling with real money only in specific countries. Unfortunately, at the moment, only players from a small number of countries are allowed to play Facebook casino games for real money.

However, players should be hopeful that this will change in the near future. The reason is simple – online gambling brings a lot of money. It’s unlikely that Facebook will be willing to miss out on such a good opportunity. In fact, data shows that the money generated from social media gaming is nearly 3 billion dollars, proving that there’s a lot of potential in this industry.

But, before that happens, you can still play free Facebook casino games and hope to get real money bonuses. Actually, as a way of keeping the players interested in their games, many social casinos are giving away bonuses and other types of incentives to the users who play for free. If you happen to fall in love with a free social casino game, you can always play it for real money on its official website.

Many brand-new casinos decide to promote their offer on Facebook and other social media sites. You can play their games for free on Facebook, but you can also play them for real money at these new online casinos. In order to find the casinos that offer games on Facebook, you might wanna consider taking a look at the reviews on our website.

What About Security?

If you want to play social media casino games for real money, you may wanna learn more about their security features. As Facebook is a serious company, which cares about its reputation, you can be sure that this website will accept only the casinos that are super-reliable. Other social media sites might not be that careful, so it’s best to take a look at reviews of casinos before putting your trust in them.

Here at CasinosHub online, you can find dozens of reviews of online casinos, as well as casino games that can be played on Facebook and other social media websites. By reading our honest reviews, you will learn the pros and cons of those casinos, which is bound to help you decide whether or not to play with real money.

Recommended Social Media Casinos

Biggest names in the world of social media gamblingThere are some social media casinos that have already proved themselves in terms of security and reliability. Playing their casino games means that you have nothing to worry about – just relax and have a good time! So, here are some of the best social media gaming companies:

  • Zynga – The software company behind the hit game FarmVille has also developed a number of super-exciting casino games, which you can play on Facebook. Those include Zynga Poker, Wizard of Oz Slots, Hit It Rich!, Zynga Slots, and many others.
  • Slotomania – As the name suggests, Slotomania is a leader in developing video slots for Facebook and other social media sites.
  • DoubleDown Casino – With more than 5 million Facebook users, DoubleDown Casino is one of the most popular social media casinos. Its popularity hasn’t come by accident, but because the games on its offers are incredibly entertaining!
  • Big Fish Casino – This casino has a huge number of different types of casino games at your disposal. Whichever game you prefer, you will be able to find it at Big Fish Casino!

Check out some games today on your favourite social media sites!


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