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Online Gaming Devices and Prototypes at CES

Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
Online Gaming Devices at CES 2021

The 51st edition of the biggest Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on the planet took place between January 11 and January 14. However, the much-anticipated event that has everyone gasping for air every year was rather different this time around. The CES show marked its 2021 edition online, due to the COVID-19 context that is still imposing social distancing restrictions. Instead of the usual physical show held in Las Vegas at the Conventional Center, thousands of tech aficionados, exhibitors, and top companies were able to watch the action unfold on their screens at the CES media hub.

While we are sure everyone is already looking forward to the 2023 event that will take place between 5-8 January, hopefully in its physical form in Las Vegas, there are plenty of notable 2021 releases you might want to learn about, especially if you are a passionate real money casino gambler or punter.

Sports and Gaming Technology At CES 2021

For sports aficionados, whether passionate punters who enjoy good sports bets online or people who love to work out every time they get the chance, CES 2021 introduced a number of cool fitness tech releases suitable for the new reality we are all facing today: trying to stay fit and still enjoy sports hobbies from home. Besides the regular earbuds and smartwatches that we are rather used to seeing released every year, exhibitors also introduced the audience to a series of virtual trainers and special fitness walls that are capable of measuring the strength of a punch, for instance. Why should a passionate sports bettor or casino gambler be particularly interested in the smart fitness releases at the CES? The explanation is quite simple.  

When You Train The Body, The Mind Follows 

If you didn't know this by now, those areas of the human brain that are enabled and used for our cognitive function become active when the body starts to move. Exercising is, therefore, not only good at training our muscles or heart, but it can also train our brain and keep it in better shape. Working out will, in turn, help the brain feel, think, as well as perceive various situations (such as a game of poker online where lots of important decisions must be made in a matter of seconds) with more ease. If you have already embraced eating certain brain foods to develop your strategic thinking when gambling online, why not also look for new ways to exercise your brain and improve your gameplay online before you are given the green light to freely visit your favourite land casinos with zero restrictions once again?

Check out some of the smart devices that were introduced to the CES 2021 audience online right on the official CES website and get acquainted with some eye-catching releases that should convince even the least interested fitness fan to get started. Amazfit, for example, introduced a number of smart devices that we are convinced will capture the attention of regular people looking to make workouts more fun, as well as pro athletes you would normally place online sports bets on.

The truth is everyone needs to stay in shape and while social distancing restrictions will continue to keep gyms closed in most parts of the world for an indefinite period of time, we can only redirect our attention toward the alternatives we can use at home. By the year 2026, it is expected the online fitness market will be worth more than $30 billion, according to data from Global Market Insights, so it is safe to say that we can expect to witness even more incredible releases in the upcoming years,

Gaming Laptops in 2021Online Gaming Devices and Prototypes at CES 2021

While not every single device and technology that was presented at CES will be released in stores, prototypes will always be fun to watch and learn about.

  • Razer, for example, decided to tease the audience with its amazing Razer triple-display laptop prototype called the Project Valerie

  • Alienware introduced us to its cool Project UFO gaming handheld device back in 2020 but never released it to the public

  • Intel invented the so-called ultraportable gaming laptop, represented by the company's 11th-generation of gaming processors. The H-series will weigh a lot less and be considerably thinner compared to previous versions. The battery life is also expected to be more satisfying for gamers passionate about taking their gaming on the go on their laptops, and with so many mobile casino games and video titles waiting to be played in 2021, we are sure lots of people will appreciate Intel's ideas.

  • Asus, Dell, HP, Acer, and Lenovo also released a series of interesting laptops with enhanced features and performances suitable for work-from-home or intense casino gaming sessions in 2021, so we should definitely keep an eye on those as well.

More Online Casino Gaming Technologies AT The CES 2021

CES 2021 also introduced us to a series of giant TVs that could be hosting our future online casino gambling experiences for more convenience at home, making the need to visit brick-and-mortar casinos obsolete. Who needs to risk getting the coronavirus or wasting precious time waiting for a blackjack table or pokie machine to free up when you could be sitting in front of a huge TV screen with out-of-this-world resolution and engaging in live casino games with attractive dealers and other players interacting with you in real-time? This is probably one of the main considerations why the clever minds behind these giant TVs decided to release their products to the audience. Plus, the rollable phones that enable fast, on-the-go mobile gameplay for remote players and the interesting series of coronavirus killers, including touchless technologies for when you will be ready to visit land gaming venues are definitely other highlights of CES 2021. 

Get ready to enjoy playing at online casinos with the new technologies presented at CES 201 waiting just around the corner.

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