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Powerball Jackpot Hits All Time High

Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
Powerball Jackpot Hits All Time High

Did you know Australia is one of the most casino-loving nations in the world? An Average Aussie spends just under $1,300 a year on this hobby, which is more than gamblers from any other country on Earth. Their No. 1 game of choice is slots or as Australians call them,  pokies to win real money.

Other gambling games are popular in the Land Down Under as well, as recent lottery news proves. The story goes that the Australian Powerball Jackpot has risen to $100 million.

It’s the biggest jackpot in Australia this year, as well as the 6th time in the history of Australian Powerball that the jackpot has reached the $100M mark.

An Aussie Could Become $100M Richer This Thursday

Unsurprisingly, the chance to become an instant multimillionaire has made Australians obsess over the next Powerball draw, which is on the program this week. According to the Lott, almost half of Australia’s adult population is expected to take part in it. That accounts for roughly one in six Australians.

Thursday, June 22, at 7:30 p.m. local time (AEST) is when the next Australian Powerball draw will take place. The jackpot for Draw 1414 is $1,000,000, which is the sixth time in the 27-year-long history of the Australian Powerball that the main prize has reached this number. It’s gone so high because there was no jackpot winner in the last five games.

This year, however, a total of eight Aussies have already won money in the Powerball division one. The cumulative amount the lucky winners brought home is north of $107 million. Last week, four winners got the money from Division Two, while winners from Divisions Two to Nine shared $40.2 million between them.

We Could See Australian Powerball Jackpot Record Broken in 2023

If someone wins the jackpot on Thursday, it’s going to be the biggest win of the year, as well as the second-biggest prize in the history of the Australian Powerball. However, if we get a winner on Thursday, we won’t see the all-time record getting broken.

Actually, the biggest jackpot in the history of the Australian lottery was drawn not too long ago. It was 2019 when a nurse from Sydney got a jackpot of $107 million.

In case there’s no jackpot winner in this week’s draw, the jackpot will go up even further. In that case, we could see the jackpot for the next week going all the way up to $150 million. What this means is that the next winner of the jackpot would break the record.

However, even in that case, Australian Powerball will still be far behind the biggest jackpot in the world in history. In the Guinness Book of World Records, it’s Mr. Castro from California who holds the record for the biggest jackpot win ever. In November 2022, he won 2.05 billion US dollars, overcoming the odds of one in 292.2 million.   

How to Win Australian Powerball – Is There a Real Answer?

To win the jackpot, you need to hit seven winning numbers plus the Powerball. The chance of something like that happening is one in 134,490,400. It sounds bad, but this actually means the possibility of something like that happening in the next couple of weeks is relatively good. It’s because there are almost 20.5 million adults in Australia who have the right to enter the draw.

Of course, those with multiple tickets have a higher chance of winning than those with a single combination. And considering that lottery tickets aren’t too expensive – a standard ticket with four games costs $6.20 – it’s very likely most Aussies will enter the draw multiple times.

That actually is the easiest way to boost your chances of winning. It’s all about maths. The more tickets you’ve got, the better the probability that you will hit the jackpot. And that’s about it, there’s no magical formula that will win the jackpot for you.

There are some interesting lottery facts, however, that you should be aware of. For instance, as per, the numbers that weren’t drawn in the last four games are 50% likely to get drawn. Further, the losing numbers from the last ten draws have an 80% chance of being drawn.

However, history teaches us that some numbers have been drawn repeatedly over the last couple of draws. For instance, the number 27 was hit four times in a row in the last five weeks.

Then, there are some commonsense tips for winning the lottery, starting with the one to stay away from sequences. The fact is that there’s never been a winner who picked the 1-through-7 combination.

You also wanna stay away from choosing a combination that’s already been drawn. The chance of the same seven numbers getting drawn multiple times is close to zero, especially in back-to-back draws.

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