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Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
Regulate the Game | Sydney Australia 2022

Regulating the Game 2022 will be held in Australia, and tickets are already on sale. The event is going down from March 7th to March 11th and will feature several presentations from leading entities in the gaming industry. You can expect eye-opening presentations and networking opportunities, and the five-day program is already accessible online. Key dates you don't want to forget include the Welcome Reception held on Sunday, March 6th and Gala Dinner on Thursday, March 10th. Course dates will run from 7th to 11th.

What Is The Event About?

Regulating the Game is a prestigious education program running for five days. The training covers various topics to build capability among individuals and organizations, deepen sector knowledge and advance discussions around the best modern practices in gambling regulation and compliance. The event has many sub-agendas but seeks to position attendees to understand and apply critical regulatory principles and approaches. It involves various presenters taking time to provide insights and evoke thinking and discussions. Some of the topics covered in the five-day training include:

  • Australian regulatory landscape
  • Public policy issues
  • Money laundering and risks in the gambling sector
  • Licensing and probity investigations
  • Effective responsible gambling and its future
  • Internal controls, planning and regulatory audits, and more

What It Means For Online Casinos

Regulating the Game has significant meaning for online casinos worldwide. The education is delivered by core program faculty from the ICGR (International Center for Gaming Regulation) Australia, Las Vegas ICGR, and the University of Nevada. It also features distinguished speakers and leaders in gambling regulation and laws, public policy, investigation, research, etc. Participants in the education program leave poised to take proactive actions and implement new strategies to enhance the gambling experience while making it safe and sustainable for all stakeholders involved. Their efforts can forge massive changes in gambling regulations and public policies. During the networking sessions, new relationships and partnerships between operators, investors, and regulators are also created. Casino operators should keep tabs on the emerging discussions to stay ahead of matters and become part of the evolution of gambling policy.

What It Means For Australians and the World

Regulating the Game events seek to provide opportunities for establishing connections and hearing from Australian and international experts, regulators and participants. What might begin as starting conversations aims to build knowledge, understanding and relationships to enhance capacity to inform public policy. Other goals include contributing to efficient and effective regulation, positioning regulatory function and compliance as enablers and creating a safe, secure, responsible, vibrant and innovative gambling sector. For Australians and the rest of the world, these events are crucial in shaping gambling regulations and improving services and protection for customers. The goal is to eliminate risks and establish fairness and awareness for safe, sustainable gambling, which benefits everyone involved in one way or another.

Regulating the Game 2022 Venue

Senet will host the 2022 event in ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour. The five-day education program will begin from March 7th to March 11th, but participants are invited to the welcome reception on Sunday, March 6th. It will include a combination of in-person and remote interactive lectures with ICGR core program faculty. The training will also involve case studies and group work. In addition, participants will have the rare opportunity of benchmarking regulatory frameworks and strategies with Australian/international regulators and other stakeholders in the gambling industry.

Regulating the Game 2022 Speakers

Regulating the Game 2022 speakers will feature ICGR Core Program Faculty delegates and guest leaders in various companies and organizations in the gambling sector. The program features presentations delivered by speakers from GT Communications, AHA, NSW, GLI, Senet, Nevada GCB, UNLV and several other institutions. Participants can expect leaders in various fields and positions, including lawyers, investors, managing directors, founders, government representatives/officials, and more.

Regulating the Game 2022 Program

Participants in 2022 Regulating the Game training will be treated to a Welcome Reception on Sunday 6th to bring everyone together in readiness for the presentations on the 7th. The networking reception will be held at HMAS Vampire (Australian National Maritime Museum), located at 2 Murray Street, Darling Harbour, and the dress code is "cocktail.” Course dates run from Monday 7th to Friday the 11th, separated by tea breaks, lunch breaks and cocktail receptions. There’ll also be a Gala Dinner on Thursday 10th, ending with a speech from the CEO/MD of Crown Resorts Limited and Crown Melbourne Limited. The gala will be held at The Apollo, located at 44 Macleay St. Potts Point. 

Networking Opportunities

Regulating the Game 2022 is about bringing the key stakeholders and participants together to share knowledge and insight. It's also based on the need to network and unify efforts towards safe and effective gambling policy and regulation. Participants will have many networking opportunities, starting with the Welcome Reception and ending with the Gala Dinner. The event will also feature a cocktail reception hosted by the Australian Hotels Association NSW and a presentation night designed for shared awareness. These events are sponsored by leading companies and organizations in the gambling sector.

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