Responsible Gaming Message Will Appear in Gambling Ads

Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
Responsible Gaming Message Will Appear in Gambling Ads

According to the Australian government mandate, safer gambling messaging must be part of all gambling advertising. The mandate comes in the wake of stiff measures to reduce gambling harm and protect vulnerable players. Gambling adverts are poised to feature stronger messages to inform vulnerable players about existing help centers and resources. This will be done through taglines added as part of all gambling advertisements. The Australian government has been busy cleaning up its gambling industry following the incidents at Crown Resort and The Star casinos. Hundreds of illegal online gambling websites have been blocked, and the country continues to reform its gambling sector.

Responding To Increasing Gambling Rates

Gambling is a worldwide pastime, but Australia is one of the leading nations with millions of players. The country has recently reformed gambling regulations to respond to increasing gambling rates, especially among online real money casinos. Safer gambling messaging is now a mandatory requirement that must be part of gambling advertising. The government mandated the new regulations, and all online gambling operators must use the latest advertising taglines. Operators can review the complete requirements in the new National Consumer Protection Framework. The new rules come at the back of research showing increased problem gambling rates among online players in Australia.

Operators To Send Nationally Consistent Messages

The new gambling advertising framework is designed to provide a consistent message that will be sent to all gamblers in the country. Explaining and reminding people of the potential harm of online wagering is the core of the message. Casino and sportsbook operators will include taglines to remind people of the risks involved in placing real money sports bets or spinning online casino pokies. Operators have seven unique slogans to choose from, and each must include at least one. The seven choices cover what players gamble with, asking them whether they really want to bet or buy something else. Other taglines remind players they can win and lose and the cost of gambling. Here are the taglines as provided by the new framework:gambling-ads

  1. “What are you really gambling with?
  2. Think. Is this a bet you really want to place?
  3. You win some. You lose more.
  4. Imagine what you could be buying instead.
  5. What are you prepared to lose today? Set a deposit limit.
  6. Chances are you are about to lose.
  7. What is gambling really costing you?”

In addition to using one of the seven taglines, gambling operators must include a call to action (CTA). There are two options for the CTA to be included after the tagline. You can use "For free and confidential support, call 1800-858-858" or "Visit" The taglines and call to action will appear on all online gambling adverts (websites, social media, emails), printed, radio, and television. "You win some. You lose more" is to be used for spoken advertising only. All online gambling operators have until 30th March 2023 to comply with the tagline and CTA requirements. The consultation period is over, and companies have been notified. What remains is for players to begin seeing the changes.

New Rules Based On Substantial Research

The new consumer protection framework on gambling advertising comes after a lengthy period of research and consultation. Research is still ongoing, and the Australian government is interested in learning the behaviors linked to gambling and problem gambling. The government seeks to investigate the harm of wagering, gambling, and betting online. Pokie rooms will need facial recognition cameras to identify and restrict problem gamblers from the machines. Online operators are also under investigation to improve how they deal with gambling harm. The goal is to set measures to protect vulnerable gamblers. Meanwhile, regulators face a challenge concerning the extent to which the new rules apply and whether they touch on gambling-related activities. Discussions over loot boxes and low-level gambling remain active, and gamers might be eligible to receive counseling and support.

The End of Gambling Sponsorships?

New South Wales has started a wave that might see more sports teams join in the campaign against problem gambling. Some teams in the province have opted out of gambling sponsorship deals, which helps to remove gambling advertisements and brands from matchdays, jerseys, websites, and merchandise. For example, Western Sydney Wanderers FC, Macarthur FC, and Cricket NSW have declined from partnerships with companies linked to the gambling industry. The “Reclaim the Game” initiative has seen 14 teams sign up for the mantra to aid fans in enjoying sports without seeing gambling adverts. Teams joining the initiative seek to disassociate sports from gambling to curb gambling harm. We expect more responsible gambling measures, toolkits, and initiatives to emerge in the coming months.

Help For Problem Gamblers

The Australian government is committed to curbing illegal gambling and forging a sustainable sector to restore the country's gambling legacy. Recently, Australia has made headlines for all the wrong reasons after accusations of unlawful practices and money laundering in leading casinos. Research also indicates more people are falling victim to gambling harm. If you need help with gambling-related issues, contact the helpline (1800-858-858) or visit New reforms have been the trend in 2023, and operators must now comply with the gambling advertisement requirements come March 2023. As online wagering becomes more widespread, we expect Australia and other jurisdictions to tighten gambling laws and frameworks to protect consumers.

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