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The Biggest Mistakes New Slots Players Make – and How to Avoid Them

Jack Harris
by Jack Harris
The Biggest Mistakes New Slots Players Make

Without a doubt, online slot games, or pokies,  are some of the most popular and appealing casino titles for millions of players all around the world, and gamblers Down Under are some of their most fervent fans. The explanation is simple: pokies have simple rules that are easy to follow by inexperienced players. They can also prove to be extremely rewarding when played using a few simple guidelines for playing online pokies. Knowing how to avoid the most common rookie mistakes is highly recommended. It will allow players to make the necessary adjustments to their gameplay and continuously improve their strategy. Without further ado, here are the main types of slots mistakes new players should steer clear from:


Rookie Mistake #1: You Are Trying To Wager a Lot Of Money To Get Back Your Losses

More often than not, a player who has lost a lot of money on a game of pokies will keep pushing the limits of their budget in a desperate attempt to recuperate their loss. This means increasing the size of their bets and eventually ending up with even more losses. As a novice slots player, your goal is to focus on developing a mindset that allows you to accept that losing several games in a row is perfectly normal. Detach yourself emotionally and do not let a loss affect you. Practice mindfulness and focus on what's truly important – staying in the moment and enjoying the game instead of making an obsession out of getting back the money you have lost. Also, if you are looking to dedicate most of your time to playing slots, you may want to check out a few useful tips for playing pokies.

Rookie Mistake #2: You Don't Care About How A Game Pays Out

In other words, you don't care about its volatility. A high rate of volatility associated with a game of pokies means the game is not expected to pay out as often. However, just one payout could prove to be life-changing.

If you are using a smaller bankroll to play your favourite games of slots, you could opt for a game with high volatility and engage in it for hours in a row without hitting any big jackpots. If you are trying to play for many long hours, a low volatility slots game may be the better alternative for you.

Rookie Mistake #3: You Play The Same game Over and Over Again

Most players who opt for progressive games of slots imagine they should stick to the game for all eternity, or at least until they can hit a big jackpot or get back all the money they've lost so far. However, lucky shots are not strictly associated with wagering on the same game over and over again. Playing just one game of slots will not only make you miss out on the chance to improve your skills and evolve as a gambler, but it will also prevent you from learning what are the hottest trends in the slots industry. Plus, oftentimes, a change of pace is excellent as it can bring you a clearer head and help you make better game and budgeting decisions.

Rookie Mistake #4: You're Clueless About The Return-To-Player Ratio

Return to player or RTP refers to the money a player can expect to recover over a long period of time, on average. A 70 percent RTP means you can expect to get back $70 when wagering $100 on a real money slots game – in the long run. This will not happen every single time you will be placing a losing bet online, but it is rather a long-term occurrence. All slot games come with a previously defined RTG. The bigger, the better. Make sure you study these details carefully before deciding which game to play next.

Rookie Mistake #5: You Don't Care About Any Bonuses

In order to attract more players, web casinos always freshen up their list of promotions and special bonuses. If you do not worry too much about the size of the sign-up bonus offered when registering a new player account with an online casino, you are missing out. While it is true some casinos have harsher wagering requirements for their free spins and welcome bonuses, others are more advantageous and they are well worth it. Cashback bonuses are excellent as they allow you to get back a small percentage of your losses. When it comes to the luck-based game of slots, you should use every chance you can get to recover your wagered money. Also, if you are particularly passionate about real money casinos, you may want to pay special attention to all of the promotions and bonuses you can get your hands on so you can keep your losses to a minimum.

Rookie Mistake #6: You Do Not Choose The Best Slots Casinos Online

While you might be focusing on finding those slots games that come with the highest progressive jackpots or the coolest themes, you should instead look for web casinos that offer excellent advantages for joining or being loyal. There are platforms that specialize in slots or pokies exclusively, so you may want to look for those first. Compare welcome bonus offers, loyalty promotions, and deals, and try to think in the long run, especially if you are a passionate player and you think you will be doing this for a while. Read updated and unbiased casino and game reviews like those here at Australia Casino,  and do not miss out on a chance to be the first one to test the latest releases from popular software providers.

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