Top Five Blackjack Games To Play Right Now

Considered one of the most popular games on the planet, mostly targeting intellectuals and math-lovers, Blackjack has an impressively long and rich history behind it. Spiking in popularity and turning rather obscure in different stages of time and history, the game has a controversial route passionate players like to keep a close eye on.

If you have always been passionate about the game of 21 and you are looking forward to knowing a thing or two about its history or most popular variants you could play right now, these next few lines should come in handy.

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Brief Blackjack History

Dating back to the 18th century, online blackjack finds its origins in France, even though it is the Americans who gave it its current shape and form. For two centuries, the game was considered a pastime passionate players would use before indulging in a long and fun session of craps.

However, the very first written evidence of the blackjack game can be found in Miguel de Cervantes' book, Novelas Ejemplares, in one of its tales that portrayed two cheating characters who specialised in the game of ventiuna (21). This game was actually played at the beginning of the 17th century, with later mentions in France and Spain.

When the game of 21 reached the American continent, the houses that hosted it started offering bonus payouts in order to stimulate players to start playing it. Among these bonuses, there was the so-called “blackjack”, which offered players a 10-to-1 payout provided their hand had an ace of spade and a blackjack. The name got stuck to the game from here on, in spite of the payment being withdrawn. Today's Blackjack game considers a “blackjack” any hand of ace and a ten/face card.

5 Popular Blackjack Games You Should Try

Whether you have recently discovered the game and you are eager to learn as much as possible about it, or you are curious to see which variants players enjoy playing the most, these next titles will answer your question:

    • Vegas Strip Blackjack. Passionate gamblers' haven, Sin City has a blackjack game variant that has been named after it. The game is usually played inside highly interactive casinos where dealers use four decks of cards. The idea is for the players to defeat the dealer without going over 21 points, with a few particular rules that differentiate the game from other alternatives. For example, the payout is 3:2 on hitting a blackjack, while the dealer must stand at soft 17.

    • Double Exposure Blackjack counts among most players' favourite as it can do a good job at putting the house at a disadvantage. Players are given a clear advantage from the very beginning of the game, as they can see the dealer's two cards. They can, therefore, plan their next move a lot simpler and in a more knowledgeable manner. Nevertheless, the Blackjack game is limited to only paying even money, while payers cannot use any late surrender options. The dealer also always wins all ties, and the double down is only on Hard 9, 10, 11 or to Split.

    • Double Attack Blackjack highly resembles the European version of the game. It differs from it as it enables doubling on the previous bet after the dealer's two cards are placed on the table. Also, players are allowed to surrender at any given moment throughout the game. All tens are removed from the deck that will be sued for playing prior to the start of the game.

    • Bonus Blackjack offers gamblers the chance to use a side bet that can be placed prior to the player receiving his cards. When a Blackjack is hit, the payout will be increased in direct relation to the bet, depending on the rules of the casino. Not hitting a blackjack means losing the money the player has wagered on the side bet.

    • Blackjack Switch is another interesting alternative to the classic blackjack game. Players are allowed to switch their topmost card two times within a single game. Plus, they must make two equal bets. These special twists are sufficient to keep players on their toes and eager to keep coming back for more. Who wouldn't want to play a game of blackjack in which a losing hand has a real chance of being turned around? The games have a 1:1 blackjack payout and a profit expectancy of 99.87%.

Super Fun 21 is another highly popular variation of the game that relies on a 52-card deck with aces counted as one or eleven, depending on the value that would be most useful for players. All face cards count as ten, while all remaining cards are to be taken at face value. Gamblers need to place an initial bet then wait to be dealt two cards facing up. The dealer will be dealt two cards, one of them facing up and the other one facing down. Players can hit or stand and they must try to beat the dealer's hand and get as close to 21 as possible, without going over it, just like with all Blackjack variants out there.

If you are eager to give a few or all of these alternatives a try, you can start with a few free online games of blackjack and make sure your curiosity does not poke a hole into your weekly or monthly gambling budget. Most of the blackjack casinos we recommend on our platform offer free gameplay options for all blackjack variants for practice or fun mode gambling. You can also find real money gameplay and take advantage of the excellent welcome bonuses you will have the pleasure to discover by registering your new player account at one of the recommended venues. 

Sign up at your favourite casino and start enjoying different blackjack variants today. 

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