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Top 5 Fairytale Pokies To Play in

Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
Top 5 Fairytale Pokies

Inspired by childhood stories with origins in Australian folklore, Greek mythology or the Irish leprechaun culture, portraying the most fascinating characters and adventures that kept you awake at night when you were a toddler, fairytale online slots are now a popular constant in all reputable venues online. Want to know what are the hottest fairytale-themed games you can play in 2020? Read on!

Fight Dragons and Save Fairies With These Top Fairy Tale Slots 2020

Fascinating fairytale stories and supernatural characters are definitely an amazing source of inspiration for hundreds of new online pokies that see the light of day every year, from top casino software providers. Players enjoy experiencing the appeal of these nostalgic titles that take them back to one of the happiest times of their lives. Who wouldn't want to get lost in a captivating universe where goblins, dragons, fairies and magical swords and potions are no longer surreal? Given the advanced game technologies and stunning graphic cards and processors most computers and smartphones are endowed with today, players can fully immerse in the action and forget about the daily stresses for a while. Plus, most of these games are extremely rewarding and generous in terms of bonus rounds, free spins and special symbols that could make a player filthy rich in the bonk of an eye.

Whether you are interested in authentic Australian Dream tales that perfectly reflect the Aboriginal culture of the Aussie people that have been wonderfully preserved by folklorists like Andrew Lang or you want to see more international fairytale folklore, it is all a matter of personal choice and preference. Australian fairytale-themed slots centring around Bahloo the Moon and the Daens or story of Oolah, the lizard that plays with boomerangs may be rarer in most casinos online. However, it is not impossible to come across them, so make sure you do your research and keep looking. The imagination of developers knows no boundaries and it is almost impossible not to find exactly what you are looking. Keep up with the freshest news in the casino industry on our platform and stay better informed.


#1: The Red Riding Hood Fairytale

Without a doubt, NetEnt has done a great job hitting the spot for many players when they reimagined the popular story of the innocent Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Their "Red Riding Hood" pokies is filled with top animations and unparalleled graphics and the sounds will send you straight into the story with no delay. Their game is called Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood, so make sure you look it up at your favourite online real money casinos and take advantage of the bonuses, extra rounds, free spins and the rest of the advantages that the Sticky Red Riding Hood Wild symbol triggers, including lots of re-spins. You could also trigger a Fairy Surprise, Wild Spin or Magic Spin at any moment Fairy or expect the spectacular Beware of the Wolf bonus or the coin wins.

#2: Jack and the Beanstalk

Hit the Play button on yet another spectacular NetEnt title and get ready to immediately submerge into this 3D fairytale universe straight from the introductory video. Watch the two-headed ogre chasing Jack out of the castle and get gradually drawn into all the fun-packed action. Wait for the Walking Wild feature and enjoy more chances of winning wins during fresh spins.

Like pretty many pokies online, the spin bonuses are the main point of attraction on Jack and the Beanstalk pokie. Joining Jack on his climb up the beanstalk and all the way to the tower of the ogre, collecting free spins and coming across the Treasure Collection will bring you face to face with more goodies (wild symbols), so no wonder this is one of the most successful games this developer has made up until today.

#3: The Three Little Bigs Slot Fairytale

Another popular fairytale slot game you may be interested in playing for free or for real money is the Big Bad Wolf, a reinterpretation of the Three Little Pigs story we all know from our childhood. The guys at Quickspin decided to create this spectacular video pokie game with the help of high-end graphics. The game is also satisfactory from a player's point of view when it comes to the features it comes with. For instance, keep a close eye on the Swooping Reels and you will get to explode the winning symbols and make room for fresh ones ready to replace them. In other words, just one spin could bring you loads of wins. Pay attention to the pig symbols as they will trigger more wild symbols via the Pigs Turn Wild game feature.

#4: Rapunzel

If you are looking for a fun and nostalgic fairytale-themed pokie you can play for free or real money, try Quickspin's Rapunzel's Tower, a game that is 100% based on the German fairytale. You are going to love the high density of wild symbols here. With Rapunzel, it's all about her majestic hair, so finding the golden locks symbols means enjoying lots of re-spins. The wild symbol will also activate the re-spin wild feature, so keep an eye on it as well. As the prince will climber even higher in the tower, you will earn more free spins and multipliers.

#5: Beauty and the Beast

Yggdrasil is responsible for this classic fairytale reinterpretation in the form of a video slots game that you can play 24/7 with your favourite casinos. Pay attention to the special golden bet options that will allow you to add more additional features to the game, such as free spin nudges and free spins.

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