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Henry Tamburin
by Henry Tamburin

Live blackjack is a fun game that combines the appeal of playing blackjack at a traditional casino with the comforts of playing online blackjack from the comfort of your home. When you play live blackjack you get to watch the dealer from a webcam so you can monitor everything that is happening and from there you get to play from your chosen device knowing that a random number generator is not behind the game but, rather, a beautiful girl is. These live games are hosted out of physical locations that tend to offer multiple camera angles so that you can both see the entire table, see the entire casino floor, and see close-up shots of the dealer’s hands and what cards they have.

Playing Live Blackjack

Blackjack Games - Live Table DealerThere is one game, in particular, that is perhaps one of the most popular casino games ever to hit the literal and figurative tables and that is blackjack. Blackjack is a game of skill, not just a game of luck which is perhaps why so many casino players find themselves attracted to it.

When you are playing at a live blackjack casino table you should always choose a table that has a minimum bet that is no higher than 5% of whatever your total bankroll is. This is a game that takes discipline so you certainly do not want to play tables where the minimum bet just doesn’t work well with whatever your bankroll is. Common practice dictates that skilled players should visit tables where the minimum bet amount is 5% or less of the total amount that you have with which to gamble. This helps you to prolong your play.

Tips with a Live Blackjack Dealer

You should always play one hand at a time and if you can sit as far from the dealer as you can right here at CasinosHub. If you tend to use a good betting strategy when playing live blackjack you know you do not want to bet multiple hands at the same time. You want to focus on one hand so you can be as successful as possible with whatever your strategy is. And obviously, you want to take whatever position is farthest from the dealer at a live table because this helps you to better observe what other cards have been played out and what the other people are doing.

Strategies for Live Casino Blackjack

Online you will find blackjack charts for just about every variation there is. These charts will tell you what to do in certain situations. If you have a 10 and a four but the dealer has a 10 and a two you can read these charts to figure out what is best for you. When you choose your blackjack chart make sure that you are choosing one based on the same number of decks being used in the live game. Also, make sure that you review these different suggestions and tips long before you start playing a live game. If you can contest out free games online before you commit yourself to bet real money with these lives dealer games. You also want to try some basic strategies that you can apply and stick with each time you play. If you are a newcomer you don’t want to get overwhelmed with the number of options out there and try to retain a dozen or so strategies all at once. Basic strategies will get you a lot more than haphazardly throwing together a dozen different things that you are really prepared to use. Obviously, you can combine different charts as a good strategy and this will give you a greater chance of walking away with some profits in your pockets.

Live Blackjack Games - Live DealerWhen you are playing live blackjack online you do not want to take insurance. Live blackjack games will typically use multiple card decks and of course, that is designed to prevent people from counting the cards. The more decks involved the harder it is to count the cards. For that reason, insurance might be great if you know how to count cards but if you don’t, then insurance is out of the question. The insurance is a ripoff and if you are a good blackjack player you will figure that out. The odds for the insurance are typically 9 to 4 if the dealer has an ace. So if you have made 13 separate one-dollar insurance bets in a given game, based on those odds you are going to win four times, and that only means four dollars. But you are also going to lose nine times which means you have lost nine dollars. In the end, you have lost a total of five dollars.

If at all possible you want to find a table that has payouts of 3 to 2 for blackjack, especially when you get bonuses, promotions, and special offers. There are obviously plenty of blackjack tables out there with many different varieties but you will always want to pick the table where the blackjack will pay you out 3 to 2 and where the dealer will stand on a soft 17. When you are reviewing the different live tables out there these are the two things that you really want to look out for. This is a game that already has a fairly low house edge but if you do not choose your table in the best way possible, then the house edge could increase leaving you at a disadvantage.

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