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Henry Tamburin
by Henry Tamburin

Do you want to feel the thrill of playing Caribbean Stud Poker? Known as one of the best poker variants, Caribbean Stud Poker online is even better because you just have to play against the Dealer and not the entire house. Know more about this poker by reading this comprehensive article.


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History of Caribbean Stud Poker

How to Play Online Caribbean PokerCaribbean stud poker is a considerably old game in the casino world. It was introduced in the 80s and since then people have loved it. This game is now played all across the world and its appeal is increasing with every passing day. What appeals to many casino players is that once you understand this game well, it becomes quite easy to play. In addition to this, you often have the chance of winning a jackpot in this game. 

What Is a Side Bet in Caribbean Stud Poker?

A player in this game is given the choice of making a side bet that is for $1. The payoff amount will differ from one casino to another. But, it will always have the possibility of winning a progressive jackpot, which means that you can win 100% of the jackpot amount on getting a royal flush and 10% on getting a straight flush.

How Does the Meter of the Jackpot Work in Caribbean Stud Poker?

Learning the working procedure of the jackpot will give you an advantage while placing a side bet in Caribbean Stud Poker. So, every dollar that goes into the gamble is divided into parts. Out of one dollar, the jackpot will receive 71 cents and the remaining 29 cents will go to the casino. This rate may vary from one casino to the other. Any pay-off will come from the meter itself.

Learn the Smartest Caribbean Stud Poker Rules

Now that you know that it is only a matter of time until you know Caribbean Stud Poker rules and start making profits, you might be excited to start playing this game immediately. But we urge you to wait and be patient.

One wrong move and you can lose a lot of money. We have carefully prepared a short guide for you, which will introduce you to all the vital rules of this game. Once you have understood them fully, you can start practising your hand at Caribbean Stud Poker.

1. The first step to take while playing Caribbean stud poker online for real money is to make a bet that is called ‘ante.’ Look up the rules of the particular casino that you will play at to know about the limits of a bet. In the initial stage itself, you can easily decide if you want to go for winning the jackpot of the game. This means that you will have to gamble a side bet, the amount of which will also be made known to you.

2. The next step is to click the ‘Deal’ button. This will direct you to 5 cards, which will be shown to you on behalf of the dealer. The dealer, in turn, will also receive 5 cards for himself, out of which one will be visible to you. Now, you have to match your cards with that one card of the dealer. This will automatically tell you whether you should raise or fold.

3. Raising means that you have to place a new bet that will be two times the ante bet that you made at the beginning. On the other hand, if you want to fold, then you will lose all the bets, including the progressive one. After this is done, the dealer will take out his cards, which will determine if you have won or lost.

If you go by the rules that we have just mentioned, while playing Caribbean Poker for real money online, then it increases your chances of winning Caribbean Stud Poker online. Do not become overconfident and take every move seriously. This will give your gameplay a steady consistency and help you dominate the entire game.

Also, remember the old proverb “Practice makes a man perfect.” Caribbean stud poker is not an easy game and cannot be mastered in a day, even with the greatest Caribbean stud poker strategy. Only constant practise will hone your skills at Caribbean Stud Poker and this will give your confidence a boost.  You can then try making larger bets while playing this game. We wish you all the best!

Don’t forget to use the above-mentioned Caribbean Stud Poker rules in order to augment your chances of winning this game.

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