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There are many types of craps tournaments in which you can engage at CasinosHub. In all cases, you buy into the event for a specific amount of money and then you receive the same number of chips as everyone else. Typically one tournament will end after a set amount of time which might be one hour after starting all of the chips are counted. The person with the highest number of chips is the winner. Prizes are traditionally paid out according to a set payout structure so that the top three players get 50% of the prize pool available and then it trickles its way down from there to subsequent winners. When you compete online you might find that the tournaments are part of promotions and they can be a great place for advanced players and beginners alike. More advanced players can take comfort in knowing that their superior knowledge of the game could help them to win but beginners get the opportunity to learn how to play better for free without really having to risk losing large amounts of money. Normally you will get a specific time for the tournament which can be anything between one hour and 100 hours. The winner is the person who ends the set amount of time with the highest number of chips.

Why compete online?

Online Craps Tournament ExcitementNot everyone can afford to compete in a real casino at a physical location. This might be because the cost of travel is too high. It might, instead, be because they live in a place where they cannot legally gamble, or because the tournament is being held in another country. For these reasons and many more, people turn to the internet. Online tournaments where you play online craps give players the opportunity to play against people from all over the world. Players can try European versions or American versions of the same game against players from that country. For many people, being able to compete from home is just less stressful. When you are at home you are using a device with which you are comfortable. You are in an environment you enjoy and know, like your living room or office. You can wear clothing in which you are comfortable, like sweatpants.

Playing craps tournaments

Before you start gearing up for a tournament and get online casino bonuses, be cognizant of the fact that there are often rules associated with online tournaments. In the online settings, you are still able to log in from your computer without worry, but you will need to adhere to certain rules or requirements based on the tournament, the website, and the country in which you are playing. You might, for example, need to have a webcam so that you can be filmed, and the other players can see you. Naturally, this means you would be able to see all the other players. In some situations, you might be filmed, but not so that the players can see you, just so that a virtual pit boss can make sure you are who you say you are.

On that note, you will likely need to verify your identification before you start playing. This is to comply with legal rules in different countries so that if you win your information can be submitted to any appropriate tax services. If you win, you do not want there to be a delay in the payout simply because your identification has not been verified, so take advantage of this and set it up ahead of time.Online Casino Craps Tournaments Types

As for other requirements, while you compete, you might have to download certain software. There is plenty of software out there today designed not only to provide an interactive experience for those who are competing but to make sure that your computer activity is being monitored. Obviously, the casino in question cannot have you looking up strategies, or otherwise cheating online all because they cannot see what you are doing. You could, after all, have a cheat sheet up on your phone while you are playing on your desktop, or have multiple screens so that you can look at things side by side. So, that said, some software is designed to help protect against this by tracking your screen, seeing what is going on, how much of the CPU you are using, etc.… Basically, this lets the casino see your screen the way you see your screen. They might also take periodic screenshots just to keep you honest so that you never know when the screenshot will be taken, or when to “hide” what you are using to cheat. Now, none of this is to suggest that you would cheat, but the casinos just need to cover all bases.

Variations for online craps tournaments

There are many variations to the types of tournaments you might play. Live money tournaments for example might allow you to buy chips which you can exchange for cash at the end of the tournament. There are major tournaments that you might find that during the week will try and increase participation at online websites.  These are typically smaller not only in terms of how many people participate but in the total prize pool as well. If you are new to the games and simply trying to get your bearings they might be a better option for you. On the weekends you might find major tournaments with significantly higher entry fees. These higher entry fees obviously mean that the total amount you can win is significantly higher as well. The reason these are held on the weekends is not just because they can encourage more participation than during the week but because they are very time-consuming and can typically last one or two full days. Elimination-based games are run with one or two rounds, sometimes more, depending on the site in question. Players who lose during each subsequent round are out of the game and those who win are able to advance to the next round. This continues until the end when one person is declared the winner and the prizes are disseminated in a trickle-down fashion.


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