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If you like casino games that are simple, straightforward, and designed to have pure fun all the way, Keno casino games are just what you need. To take the fun and excitement a step further, be a part of Keno tournaments.

Keno online casino games offer you an exciting time. Whether you are a new player or a seasoned casino player you will find online Keno to be a refreshing game.

You just have to choose a reputed casino online, join the Keno game and choose the numbers of your choice. The game is that simple. It is a game that most players know about or are experts at.

This lottery-type game is even more thrilling when played in an online casino. It is basically a bingo game played at high speed. And the reason many players opt for the game is because of the amazing rewards. This is because the game has an incredible payout percentage of 98%.

When you play casino for real money, you are sure to enjoy loads of fun playing Keno, especially at Keno tournaments. In online Keno tournaments, the prize money increases with the number of players taking part.

Game Variation

Keno online casino game has a few variations with just minor tweaks made to the standard game. The variations are very insignificant hence they are not given separate names.

However, Power Keno is a notable variation. This is an Australian Keno variation. It offers an additional prize if you get a match of the last number of the random number list of the casino.

Super Keno is another variation where you can get a bonus by getting a match of the first drawn number.

Main Features

Keno is a popular casino game found in land-based as well as online casinos. The main features of the game include the random number generator which selects the winning numbers. You have to choose about 20 numbers from a set of numbers ranging from 1 to 80. 

The RNG (Random Number Generator) will help choose winning numbers. Your payouts increase along with the winning numbers that you match. House edge in Keno begins at 4% and can reach up to 35%.

Game Rules

Online Keno TournamentsAt the outset dealing with a whole lot of numbers can seem daunting, but don’t worry, Keno is one of the easiest games to play in an online casino. You will be given a grid of 80 numbers. You have to choose about 10 numbers from the 80 numbers.

Based on the game version you are playing, you will find random balls numbering 20 fired on your card or the numbers will just be read off and for each match, you win a cash reward. As mentioned before your prize increases with the number of matches you make.

Game Strategies

One common thread you will find in all keno games online is that luck is the biggest deciding factor in how much you win. However, you can boost your chances of winning with some minor tweaks.

You can win money playing Keno at the real money casinos provided you fix a budget and exit the game once you run out of fixed cash. Here are a few quick Keno tips to help you get the best rewards out of the casino game online:

  • Play Keno casino games using casino bonuses. This will allow you to play with a bigger bankroll.
  • Try the demo or free version of the game to understand the basics and then move on to the real money games.
  • Chose the Keno cards, multiple race models
  • Avoid choosing excessive numbers or staying with numbers that you consider as lucky
  • Consider the odds while playing
  • Don’t allow emotions to rule while playing the game. Assess the rewards and risks before you place your bets.

Based on Keno statistics there are certain numbers that are considered hot numbers. These have a high occurrence rate and can help you win. The numbers include 78,58,44,74,66,61,67 and 3. Cold numbers are those that are drawn rarely and are based on 15 sequential Keno rounds.


The simplicity and thrilling number game style of Keno attract casino players worldwide. Therefore it is not surprising that the Keno casino game can be played on different platforms including as instant play or flash version, download, and mobile platforms.

With the mobile casino app, you can play Keno anytime and from anywhere. The casino game interface is similar to that of the desktop version. So you get to have the same fun and excitement when you use your mobile to play a Keno game in an online casino of repute or as part of the Keno Tournaments that casinos hold.

Bottom Line

One effective way to ensure you play Keno well is to try the demo version of the game for free and then try the real money Keno game. When you play the demo version, you can create a winning strategy of your own. With sufficient practice, you can move on to the real cash Keno game.

While winning at Keno is based on unpredictability and luck, you still can turn the game in your favour by using effective strategies. The amount you win depends on what the online casino can offer. Keno Tournaments offer you a better chance at winning big with the increase in the number of players.

Now that you know about Keno online casino game, try the demo version to test the strategy and rules. When you are confident enough, the real money games are there to boost your fun and win amazing cash prizes.

Try playing a Keno casino game now!

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