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All it takes is the right match when you scratch a card to win a prize. Thanks to simple rules, scratch cards have hit the epitome of popularity. You can win real money with the help of scratch card; read on more about it below.

Online scratch cards are online versions of lottery scratch cards that are bought at physical stands. This game is played by clicking on the card’s designated area to ‘scratch’ and determine the value of the card. In most cases, the company that provides the casino scratch cards is responsible for determining the chances and probability of winning. 

Most of these scratch games use a basic setup. But, you can also find advanced online scratch cards that operate more like the bonus round found in Mega Moolah, Book of Dead, or any other video slots. This is one of the reasons why slot fans tend to enjoy this game more. The other reason is that there is a connection between classic scratch cards and modern online slots.

The first scratch cards for fun were created back in 1974 by a company called Scientific Games Corporation. Today, this company owns Bally technologies and WMS Gaming. In short, they own some of the largest and the best online slot games in the world.

Types of scratch cards

scratch cards for real moneyThere are primarily two types of real money scratch cards:

Web-based online scratch cards
These cards are the most common forms of online scratch cards. The user can directly play without having to load any software on the local computer. These scratch games can be played directly on your web browser.

Download-based online scratch games
Just the opposite of the above, download-based scratch games require their users to download the corresponding software to play. Once the software is downloaded and installed, you will not need your browser’s support to play any online scratch game.

Comparison between real-life scratchies and scratch card casino games

One of the most concerning reasons why people prefer going to their local lottery booth and purchase a scratch card is because there are lesser chances of you getting scammed here than playing scratch cards online. While the whole process might consume a lot of time, people still find it safer to physically buy scratch cards.

Sadly, these are the same group of people who have been missing out on some easy money winning opportunities by not opting for online scratch cards. Thanks to the thousands of licensed and legitimate online casinos all over the world, the internet is today a much safer place to indulge in a small game of gambling and having fun.

Most of these online casinos have scratch card lottery in their list of casino games at real money casinos

Advantages of real money scratch cards

Some very well-known advantages of online scratch cards are that you can:

  • Play scratch card games online at any time
    The most highlighted feature of playing online real money scratch cards is that you can play them any time you like. The reason is that new casino online games are available 24*7, even on a bank holiday. Online casinos for real money are available all the time.
  •  Claim prizes immediately
    If you win at an online scratch card game, you can immediately claim your winning stake-out. In most common cases, the winning amount is credited into your account within seconds. This is a huge advantage when compared to scratch card games for free and physical scratch card outlets since the clerk may not have enough money to pay out a huge amount. 
  • Real money scratch cards are easy to understand and play
    Playing an online real money scratch game is comparatively easier than other slot games. All you need to do is press a button and wait. It will not take you more than a second to view if you are the winner or not. There is absolutely no rocket science involved since real money scratch cards come with special guidelines and even secrets on how to win one.
  • Different varieties of real money scratch cards
    When it comes to the number and different variety of games, nothing can beat online casinos. You have access to hundreds of games once you log into an online casino. You also get a lot more chances to scratch a card.
  • Additional bonuses
    Online casinos offer a lot of substantial and eye-catching bonuses and best casino payouts. While some can be availed via making your first deposit and through other welcome bonuses, others can be availed exclusively via scratch card games.

What can you win by playing scratch cards?

real money scratch cardsYou can win a lot of different prizes by playing scratch cards. It entirely depends on the type of card that you have bet on. The prizes also depend on what odds you want to shoot for or how much are you willing to spend.

Normally, the greater the odds, the smaller your odds of winning. But, online scratch cards have some kind or another jackpot for everyone to win. This goes back exactly during the early days of scratch cards when they were instant-win lottery tickets and were normally created by the same organization that made these lotteries.

If you want to indulge in some interesting scratch card games for real money, there is nothing to stop you. All you need to do is register at a reputable online casino that offers real money scratch cards. Who knows, you might even win some great bonuses!

Check out the payout percentage of online casino games:


So, hurry up and sign up today to win big on real money scratch card games.

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