Top Scratch Cards Tips and Strategies

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Top Scratch Cards Tips and Strategies

Everybody wants to win a game of scratchies (scratch cards). But unfortunately, as simple as it seems, scratchies can beat your wit up when you lose continuously. If you are looking for some trade secrets and tips on how to win this game, look no further.


Scratchies have had a tumultuous and interesting past. People soon became disappointed with them and they were almost on the verge of jumping off the history books. But, when the age of computers sprang up, online scratch cards were given a new lease of life and they became an online global phenomenon, thanks to the widespread gambling option next to the lottery.

Scratch card tipsVery possibly, scratch card games were probably one of the first stints at online gambling for a lot of people in the world. Easy to win, simple and fun, this game is made for everyone and is as easily accessible online as it is buying card games in the market.

There are a lot of common tips that scratch card games and online slots share, such as:

  • Just like when you take on slot games, you should remember that in casino scratch cards, there will come a point at which you should simply end your game and walk away to another. This should not be thought of from a negative perspective and is a very important tactic when it comes to keeping the profits intact.
  • Just like with slot games, you should always make a benchmark of the stake that you are putting up while playing online scratch card games. On average, $20 dollar looks like a decent amount you can put your limit on. It is important that you never change the benchmark that you have set for yourself.

A lot of people love to play online scratch card games because of the following reasons:

  • Online scratch card games are very easy to understand and play
  • Most online scratch card games offer great payouts and odds; they often also have a low house advantage
  • You do not need much experience to play this game

Tips on how to win an online scratch card game

Some very common tips and secrets on how to win online scratch card games are:

  • Getting enough practice

It is rightly said that ‘practice makes perfect’. For anyone who is new to the world of online gambling, heading straight on to a gamble seems really tempting. But, you should avoid betting your real money right away. Play free online scratch card games and practice before you start playing with real cash. Practising will help you learn from your mistakes and make corresponding changes to your strategies. 

  • Do not bet more than you can afford

Although there is no harm in aiming for a win, one cannot simply predict whether your card will fetch you your jackpot or not. Sometimes, you may lose in the process and just to ensure that things do not go sideways, make sure you stay calm. The moment you get impulsive, you might end up betting continuously and not winning anything. Retain your composure.

  • Do not place your bets on jackpots alone

A lot of people get overly enthusiastic once they see the size of the jackpots that are being offered in online scratch card games. But, you need to remember that you should consider aiming for other probable combinations rather than make a mistake and aim for the jackpot alone. While it is true that you may win the jackpot, the odds of that happening is very slim.

  • Make use of the bonuses

Bonuses are a boon in the world of online gambling. These bonuses give you the push you need to play with all your mind and heart. Most of these bonuses will allow you a lot of free turns while playing online scratch card games. You just need to make sure that your timing is perfect.

Winning the scratch card game: Strategies

Scratch card tips onlineWhile on the outside, online scratch card games may look simple enough and easy to play, you might get a bit of a shock to know that certain strategies are actually applied by players around the world. Many people look at it as a real-world scratch card and they think it is all about scratching and luck. 

Online scratch card games offer a lot of scratching options and come with their own sets of house edges and odds. Hence, it is important that you approach your online scratch card game with the same preparation and attitude that you would have while playing any other real money casino games online.

The first strategy is to pick your game very thoughtfully. You will see a lot of online scratch card games with different layouts, designs, and themes. You need to find the type of card game that you are most comfortable with and will love playing.

Money management is an important strategy when it comes to playing online scratch card games. Once you start winning on a regular basis, you need to bank your winning hand on evenly-timed intervals.

The odds of online scratch cards for fun vary greatly from one brand of online casino to another. But, on a general basis, most of the best online casinos offer a house edge percentage of about 5%, which is quite better than other online casino games. On average, the RTP (or Return to Player) is about 95%, which is also better than other games in an online casino. 

According to several online casino reviews, online scratch card games are the new rage in town. A lot of people love playing this game because of the higher chances of winning. Their preferences have changed towards online real money scratch cards like never before.

Check out the payout percentage of casino games:

Hurry up and play scratch cards at online casinos using the above tricks and tips.

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