Online Video Poker Is A Great Game!

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John Grochowski
by John Grochowski
Online Video Poker is a Win-Win Game!

You know how there is a tremendous amount of hype surrounding online poker and how people say that there is a huge potential for winning there? Well, that might be true but in order for it to happen you would need a significant amount of skills, knowledge, experience, and an edge over your opponents. And, just as it is with every other trait, this comes with time. And who wants to spend a tremendous amount of time learning an online game which may or may not end up making you money, right?

This is where online video poker steps into the picture. This is something specifically designated for all of you who want to skew the attention towards the fun part of the game and take out all the calculations, hard work, and nerves.

Obviously, there are a few things that need to be pointed out when it comes to it and that’s why we are here. If you want to play video poker online, it would be best to be at least a little bit prepared, even though the game doesn’t require any special skills and it’s incredibly friendly to new players.

What is Online Video Poker?

This is a convenient combination and an amalgamation of both video slots and online poker games. This is pretty much a solution that takes the best of both in order to provide the player with a convenient, hassle-free way of hitting the serious prize money.

You might be wondering why people would prefer video poker when there are both online slots and online poker available. Well, the answer is fairly easy – this is a solution that is designated to those of you who love the game of poker but can’t be bothered to start coming up with comprehensive poker strategies, calculating odds, considering positions, and others of this kind. Basically, this is a fun, tremendously engaging, and hassle-free way of enjoying your favorite parts of a poker game while at the same time taking all the bothersome strategizing out of it.

The essence of online video poker is that you are dealt the first hand of cards. Then you consider if you can make a winning hand, place your bet and you can choose to trade in any or all of your cards for new cards. The winning cards are the same as for any standard poker game, which, in order, are:

- Royal FlushVidoepoker online screenshot
- Straight Flush
- Four of a Kind
- Full House
- Flush
- Straight
- Three of a Kind
- Two Pairs
- One Pair
- High Card

The biggest advantages of playing online video poker are, that there is only 1 betting round, and 2 dealing rounds and you are not playing against multiple other players, but only against the casino's computer software, which is based on algorithms that are mostly random, but ensure you win regularly. So the potential wins are much higher in online video poker than in regular poker games and it's an easier game where you can become familiar with the basics of online poker without getting fleeced by better players.

Video Poker VS Online Poker

Both Video poker and online poker games can be played online at any one of these top online casinos. Online poker, however, has multiple rounds and is played against other players who may have more poker strategic or playing experience. An online poker game can get intense and psychological and most players fold most of their hands before the game reaches the showdown. In fact, statistics show that as few as 20% of online poker games even reach the showdown. In other words, even if you are good at poker, your chances of winning are fairly slim.

On the other hand, video poker combines the features of your favourite poker game with the hassle-free, light-hearted experience you'd get playing an online slot machine. All you have to do is press a button and enjoy the best parts of the poker game, the draw, the switch, the chance to win, and the showdown, to the fullest.

Who Plays Online Video Poker?

There is a whole range of players who would prefer this type of poker over the traditional table version. However, the players who prefer playing it are usually either casual or new poker players who would want to blow off some steam, learn the basic rules of poker, and have some fun.

The winning opportunities are splendid as you are also presented with a range of different bonuses and jackpots just like in a regular online video slot game, which adds tremendously to the convenience of the game.

Play Real Money Video Poker

It goes without saying that the perks are numerous. Real money video poker is one of the most popular games which are played at an online casino and that’s rather logical. As we’ve mentioned before, it brings a tremendous amount of convenience that a lot of different players quickly appreciate.

But the benefits of the game spun way beyond that. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

  1. It’s really thrilling

Playing video poker for real money feels much like real money slot games – you have a chance to win big but you never really know when you will hit the cash. With this said, there is something tremendously thrilling about placing your own, hard-earned cash on a spin that may actually turn out to be a life-changing one.

It is also important to note that the game is far more enjoyable than the majority of slots because it does come with the classic overall appeal of poker. While you won’t be playing against a real player and you would only be up against the house, the game is still incredibly interesting and it does bring slight challenges. Of course, all of them are far easier compared to online poker.

The two games shouldn’t be confused as they have little to nothing in common. This is something quite important. If you get in-depth, you’d find out that these are essentially two completely different games.

  1. It’s rewarding

While playing video poker for play money might bring you a sense of achievement, there’s nothing like winning some real cash out of it.

What is more, cash prizes are not the only thing that you can win. Different top casinos online offer a range of comprehensive bonuses to keep you engaged. With that said, some of them would also have a reward club where you can earn points for every cent you spend and win in order to win exciting rewards. Money is not the only thing that you can get as some venues offer memorabilia, increased winnings, and a lot more.

  1. You Can Play at Your Own Pace

When you play video poker for real money, you are free to play the way you see fit. You can bet as much or as less, as you want to depending on the cash you have available – this is actually one of the things that you ought to keep in mind.

It’s an effective winning strategy to keep an

Trying Out Online Video Poker For Free

Of course, if you don’t feel like trying it out immediately, you might want to consider starting out with a no deposit bonus casino account and playing without using real money. There is absolutely no harm in it and, in fact, it is actually recommended. Become accustomed to the casino's software, and the rules of the game and familiarize yourself with the basics of poker, while at the same time enjoying the light-hearted fun and thrills you usually only find in online slots. Then only after you feel that you are confident enough and familiar with the rules should you consider playing against the casino for real money wins.

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Enjoy your time playing one of the most well-loved online games, video poker, either for free or for real money wins.

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