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The Pariplay Software offers video lottery terminals. Over the years these have gained significant popularity. However, many operators have faced the challenge of integrating video lottery terminals into their product offerings. But now this company has a solution-focused around three fundamental pillars. The video lottery terminals have to be fun and engaging with flexible algorithm controls and deep integration for back-office tools which they provide for real money online casinos.

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They also cover iGaming as one of their other online game software platforms. Operators need tools for tracking, reporting, and analyzing their operations which is why this company has worked hard with platform providers to implement and train any casino using its systems to ensure maximum benefits.

Understanding that each organization brings specific requirements, the company works hard to provide solutions for online gaming which are customized to the local players. The back-end operation is a significant part of this. Control over every element of operations and performance is what makes some websites more attractive than others. This company has worked with all major platform providers to build an optimum operations framework which they referred to as SMTM.

The platform is universal and uses advanced APIs so that different games and services under multiple platforms can be brought together for individual casino operators and subsequent websites. This back-end system gives operational staff easy-to-use interfaces with a generic platform, better security so that private information is not accessed, and many valuable features.

This manufacturer also heavily emphasizes casino API. Previously casino operators had to work with a single platform for game providers but as the market continues to change it has become quite common for operators to use multiple tenders simultaneously. This approach brings with it many benefits for player acquisition and of course loyalty but it does prove problematic for operators.

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PariPlay Gaming - Fire vs Ice: The Eternal Battle PokieThe biggest challenge that operators face is the issue of how to interface with the different games and platforms. That is where Pariplay comes into play. The manufacturer has worked with all platforms to provide harmony and allow casino operators a platform and system that provides useful casino API.

Brick-and-mortar gaming is another facet of the company’s development. After all, land-based casinos remain an attractive place for entertainment experiences. Of course, part of this experience is the interactive component of using smartphones and tablets. Casinos previously had to rely upon physical slot machines or physical table games in order to provide entertainment but the changes toward a digital world have opened up more possibilities for land-based casinos to provide fusion between technology and land-based options at a low cost.

As far as other games are concerned the company has very fun and enticing slots and video games like Wild Cherry, Chitty Bang, Pong Feature, Lucky Keno, Fire vs Ice: The Eternal Battle, Pets, Jack-in-the-Box, and Rio Bingo. They also feature a handful of Atari games like Star Raiders, Black Widow, and Asteroids among a wide array of other games. Get more info at CasinosHub.

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It can be integrated into existing CMS which means that players can enter a designated area for gambling and automatically receives links to download an application to their device. Within seconds, their device will open a portfolio of games including virtual sports, live dealer games, slot games, instant win, and bingo games. The system is fine for all types of players because it supports registered players and anonymous players. That means people who want to simply pick up the game or to play anonymously can do so without having to register both their device and their personal information, whereas people who want to take advantage of loyalty programs and play on a regular basis can register.

PariPlay Gaming - Free Spins Wild Cherry PokieThere is a fun mode that is triggered whenever the system detects that a certain player has entered a designated area for illegal gambling. This brings to any business the benefits of social games without risking legal infringement. As such the system is clearly compliant with all local regulations, allowing mobile applications to automatically change into gambling mode when somebody is physically present in an area where gambling is permitted and then switches into free play mode when someone leaves that area.

PariPlay Mobile Gaming

Having received a GLI certification in the year 2015, PariPlay now offers Eyeon which is a precise mobile gaming solution. It is primarily a tournament feature but is also a solution for a virtual casino that provides thousands of games at the touch of a button. It can quite literally transform any physical area like a bar or a lounge into a virtual gaining area.

Players can sit in a designated lounge and take advantage of the latest games on personal mobile devices or giant LCD screens. Previously, customers were forced to wait until available machines cropped up in an otherwise limited physical space, but this new platform delivers seamless content and convenience to players who, if there are no consuls or areas available, can use their own devices. It is a wonderful acquisition tool for companies but it also provides customers with more flexibility when they are simply waiting around.

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