Using POLi™ for Safer Gambling Payments

Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson

POLi™ is a popular easy-to-use online payment method. Many consumers who enjoy online gambling are turning to this payment system because it can be used with very few fees. In fact, it can also be used without registration.   At Casinoshub, you'll find plenty of online casinos that allow you to use POLi payments with ease.

How to make a POLi payment

Major banking institutions accept POLi including Citibank, the Bank of Melbourne, Commonwealth Bank, the Bank of New Zealand, and others. As of right now, 17 different banks support this monetary system. You can even use it if you have Internet banking. You can make deposits to online casinos so long as those casinos are registered to receive payments through this system. You can even deposit funds using the services in situations where you want to gamble but you don’t have a credit card or you simply don’t want to use your credit card information in an online capacity where you don’t necessarily know how trustworthy a system is. Many people enjoy the fact that you can access the system for your smartphones so you are never without information about your account. 

In order to use the functions it has to offer, you do have to already have an active online banking account and sufficient funds in your bank account to cover whatever expenses you might incur. So, for example, if you want to deposit $100 to your favourite online casino, you need to have $100 in your bank account already. All you need do is a deposit and get bonuses, which will often time yield a payment method bonus!

This system makes it significantly easy to use all of the features. You can make online payments to your online gambling sites by having the money deducted directly from your bank account without revealing any confidential bank details in the process. If you want to use the system for personal transactions you don’t even have to create an account. It is compatible with almost all browsers but in order to make a trouble-free deposit, you will need to upgrade to the latest versions. Another great convenience associated with these services is that you get a receipt for your transaction and you can make payments that are processed immediately. So you can gamble as soon as you make a deposit after which you can win real money.

Deposits and withdrawals using POLi online casinos

Casino payment methods come in many shapes and sizes. If you want to use this system as your primary payment source to deposit funding into your online casinosDeposit and Withdrawal Safely with POLi you have to make sure that you choose this method, log into your bank online, confirm the pay anyone transaction, and then you will receive a notification that the deposited funds were sent to the online casino. One of the biggest downfalls associated with this payment system now is that it doesn’t have a withdrawal option so you will have to set up an alternative payment solution to withdraw your winnings. Obviously, it is in your best interest to select the least expensive method to cash out any winnings from your favourite casinos, hopefully through your bank account, perhaps your credit card, or another third-party payment processing system.

The system is designed to be free from any charges and used as an online payment solution. So, payments are made instantly and you get a receipt for any transaction you complete. No personal information will be captured or stored at any time. There are no fees associated with using this, but you should note that just because the service itself doesn’t charge a fee does not mean that your bank will not also charge you a fee. Check with your financial institution that you are going to link to this system to determine whether or not there are fees. Also, take note of the fact that their security currently is up for debate and some people do not necessarily think it is the most secure system out there but it does bring with it the benefit of storing no personal information so a lack of security is not necessarily a bad thing. 


This company gives you the freedom to make deposits to online casinos without actually exposing your personal details. They operate by way of a proxy which is what enhances their security. More importantly, you don’t have to register in order to get access to your funding. Instead, you are given access to your bank account through their servers. At no point in collecting usernames, passwords, or bank information which is why people prefer it to alternatives.

Play online pokies with no worries knowing your deposits are safe, your personal information is secure and your funds will be handled by professionals who understand your concerns.

Overall there are many advantages to using the service. It is secure and confidential. The payments are instant and you can start playing your favourite casino games within a matter of minutes. You don’t have to pay any fees for using the service nor do you have to wait a few days to verify an online account, merely because you don’t have to create an account.

POLi Payment Method FAQs 

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