Qiwi Payment Method: Everything You Need to Know

Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson

Qiwi is one of many new online casino payment methods which is overseen by Visa and was founded back in the year 2007. This particular payment method is one which has made its way around the world, but remains most popular in Russia where it is used for many online transactions, including the funding of casino accounts. The Qiwi payment method can do more than that. It can be used to pay for tickets, insurance costs, bank loans, utility bills, and more. There is also the Qiwi bank associated with the card which enables users to take advantage of other online money-based services.

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How does it work?

This payment system works with online casinos easier than any other options you might find. You can make payments in cash or with the specialized wallet, online or with your mobile device. This means you can make payments to your account while at home, or while on the go. All you need do is enter any necessary information after which time you are prompted to confirm the amount you want to pay. Once this is done, you immediately receive confirmation of the transaction and it's being successfully processed.

Casino Payment Options - QiwiThis new Visa e-wallet lets users make instant online payments to gaming venues and online casinos alike. It provides a multitude of payment options for online users who want to do things like make simple money transfers, pay cash via a physical kiosk which is then deposited into a virtual account, use an ATM to take money back out after moving it from a casino account to the bank, or handle money transfers rather than cash transfers at partner bank locations. The card and all related plastic solutions are available anywhere and accepted for payments in many payment terminals, venues, and stores, so long as Visa is accepted there in the first place. Given how prolific Visa is, and how readily accepted it is around the world, it makes sense that this particular card would be a great investment for users.

Internet gamblers are able to take advantage of the Qiwi wallet on their mobile device which means payments can be made to accounts while on the go so that players can enjoy gaming on the go and it also means withdrawals can be paid out on the go too.

Security Measures

Working with Visa means that there are enhanced security measures available for users who are relying upon this banking method. The Visa-based banking method makes it more secure for online players to receive their payouts and make their deposits without having to reveal private banking data in the process.

Using the Card

The card and the monetary services can be used just about anywhere. It is actually one of the most popular services in Russia, but it remains quite popular in other areas too. Users all over the world can rely upon it. In fact, it works in twenty countries including Russia, South Africa, Brazil, China, the United States, Panama, Serbia, and more. The payment method is a bit more popular in Russia simply because there are more services given to Russian users by comparison. That has not stopped the growth of the company or its cards across many other countries though. Given the extensive offerings from the company, it is clear why so many users are turning to the merchant to provide safe and reliable payment options. Not only can users enjoy the card at regular ATMs or partner banks to make deposits or withdrawals, but they can use it at over two thousand merchants and operators around the world, especially with the casino bonuses and promotions, all of whom readily accept the company card for mobile payment, purchases, and other online payment processing.

Casino Payment Options - QiwiUsers have to say only good things about it. In fact, when rating the payment method, users prefer the availability of the card and its services as the number one factor, ranking this at one hundred percent satisfaction. It is also ranked at one hundred percent satisfaction or its popularity. Beyond that, the users find simplicity and security measures to be the two next best features. They rank these at ninety percent.

Using the Payments for Casinos

The primary reason that users are relying upon this payment method is for casinos online. With the payment method, users can fund their accounts from their computers or their mobile phones. They can also more easily make withdrawals from their winnings when the time comes. If users are planning to use this particular payment method it is recommended that they verify with the casino sites in question the compatibility of the payment method with the site. Many sites accept well over a dozen different payment methods, this one included, but you certainly do not want to sign up for a site, only to realize later that it does not use this method. It is also in your best interest to check the individual fees you will face for the use of this payment system in conjunction with other casino sites. The fees charged for things like transfers, deposits, and ATM withdrawals could vary based on the bank in question, whether the banks are partners with Qiwi, and what financial transaction you want to do.

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