Australian Bookies Offering Alternative Betting Options Amid Caronavirus Pandemic

Charlotte Wilson
by Charlotte Wilson
Australian Bookies Offering Alternative Betting Options

These are weird and gloomy times. Even the gigantic sporting events in Australia are not spared by the outbreak of coronavirus and they have been either canceled or postponed for an indefinite date.

Land-based casinos also faced a similar fate after the Australian Government gave stringent instructions to shut down all non-essential services like gyms, restaurants, and casinos for almost six months. While land-based casinos are suffering a substantial crash, the online gambling sector is fairly constant, even observing an increase in the number of users worldwide.

Unfortunately, the majority of online sportsbooks in Australia are facing a slump in the betting market because many sports events have been canceled due to the Covid19 global scare. This is why the sportsbook operators have started offering several betting alternatives to keep the punters engaged.

Coronavirus Betting Markets at Online Sportsbooks

Brick-and-mortar casinos have been shut down all over the world including in Australia in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Many punters have, therefore, found a break in online sports betting websites to keep up with their passion to bet on sports or casino games. No wonder online Australian real money casinos have found a steep increase in the number of new users in the recent past.

Online casino operators are coming up with innovative betting ideas such as on the Covid-19 condition. You can bet on whether the total number of reported coronavirus-positive cases would be higher or not as compared to the past day. Some websites are also offering betting options such as whether the number of coronavirus positive cases would be even or odd.

Most gamblers are not comfortable with the coronavirus betting markets as they find such types of betting options awkward. This has also been a debatable topic amongst several professional and amateur bettors.

Well, there are several other betting markets to choose from if you are not at ease betting on the Covid19 situation. You must be amazed to learn the weird trend of online betting going on these days. You can bet on weather conditions, sharemarket, and whether the value of the residential properties will rise or fall or stay the same. Similarly, several other betting options are being presented across other online betting sites in Australia.

Interesting Bet Markets Opened Up For Punters At Betfair Casino

Betfair has offered players the opportunity to bet on house rates. According to Betfair, they came up with this betting idea on the demand of their users.

If you are a regular player at Betfair, you can partake in their betting markets on the Residential Property Price on the Exchange whether the house rates will shoot up or go down each quarter, and by how much amount.

Bettors can place bets on property costs in several parts of Australia including Perth, Sydney, Hobart, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, and Darwin. Users will have five betting options for every market such as:

  • Increase by more than 2.0%
  • Decrease by more than 2.0%
  • Increase by less than 2.0%
  • Decrease by less than 2.0%
  • No change at all

The outcome of the bets will be checked with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) quarterly data. Punters can place bets on a quarter that has already been completed as the ABS announces the outcomes roughly two months after the closing of the quarter. The players can bet on the house properties while waiting for the results from ABS.

Esports—A New Ray Of Hope In the Gambling Industry

Covid19 social distancing has postponed Global sports events such as Euro 2020, MLB, National Rugby League, and NBA, and therefore limited the sports betting opportunities for punters. However, one competition that is still getting popular is competitive video gaming or Esports. This is a lucrative chance for Esports to attract a new set of punters.

The punters who are bound at home are keeping themselves busy by playing video games. The Esports streaming website saw an increase of 31% in viewership in March 2020. Giant betting websites like DraftKings and Betway are providing bets on Esports events.

Esports betting is a great choice for bettors who are looking to satisfy their betting cravings. Players can place bets on Esports such as the Overwatch League, League of Legends World Championship, and many other exciting events.

Bet On Just About Anything!

Nobody can predict when this Covid19 pandemic will calm down and when people will again flock to gyms, cafes, and land-based casinos. But, this insecurity has prompted online operators to get creative and let gamers bet on just about anything!

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