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Top eSports Betting Sites in 2023

by Brad King
| 20/12/2022

Online eSports betting has been increasing in popularity, and this is no surprise. The country has seen quite a few competitive video gaming events on its own territory, and not only that – but quite a few users are already competing at the highest level in games such as FIFA, CS:GO, Overwatch, Dota 2, and League of Legends. This begs the question, what are the best esports betting sites? A list of these websites has been put together for your convenience. Sit back, relax and enjoy as you find out more about the best options to place a bet on esports.

Comparing Online eSports Websites

To be successful when choosing to participate in eSports betting online, you will need to find which are the best bookmakers out there. There are many factors at play here that a professional service knows how to review. For example, an eSports betting site should always come with a wide coverage of markets.

All eSports fans know that FIFA, CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, Fortnite, and many other games are part of the main esports betting landscape. Would you trust a bookie that doesn't offer these games or doesn't cover all current games and big events?

Probably not. This is why CasinosHub always focuses on providing you with the best possible options when it comes to online sports betting in general and eSports betting online in particular. Put simply, the betting websites for eSports you will find here include various bookmakers that offer all relevant events, bring you decent bonuses, and give you a fair chance to win. When bet on correctly, eSports can be a very lucrative pastime. That's precisely why you need to pick esports betting agencies that can be trusted. Let's take a look at the type of available bets you can pick from.

Types of eSports Bets

Now, you might think that most eSports betting sites are different than their mainstream counterparts. This is both true and not quite. On the one hand, the websites that focus on eSports are much clearer, offering slicker design, better navigation, and no promotions that customers will see right through.

esports bet onlineOn the other hand, the types of bets you can place remain fairly similar. There are many wagers you can make when betting on eSports, and here are the four main ones that will help you get started:

  • Match winner – As the name suggests, you are betting on a team. Will RoyalNeverGiveUp beat Shake in their next clash in LPL? If so, just click on RNG and make your bet.

  • Event winners/futures  If, for example, you were feeling confident in 2020 that OG would win a second International, you would have wanted to place the so-called future or event winner bet. OG did go on to win The Dota 2 International again, but if you had placed your bet as early as the beginning of the year, your profit margin would have been quite solid.

  • Prop bets – Proposition bets in eSports are very interesting. There could be over 60 different types. Basically, you are betting on a specific condition. Who will draw the first blood? Who will score the most kills? There are countless many scenarios and types of bets you can place this way.

  • Over/under – Over/under betting in eSports is when you attempt to predict the total number of scored kills or points by both teams. Will the number go over or under a specific number that the bookmaker has asked of you?

These are just four of the many bets available. Keep in mind that most of the other bets are just proposition bets, which means that you cannot categorize them. If you see a prop bet you feel fairly confident you can predict successfully, though, you should definitely take a shot.

Major eSports Events

The eSports world has seen quite a few developments these past few years and the truth is that today you can be betting on so many great events. Each game will usually have 10-odd tournaments that will attract massive prize pools, viewership, and betting interest. It's the nature of the game as it is.

eSports betting sites will do their best to make sure they have all events covered naturally. So, depending on the game, you will end up with different events to bet on.

Here's a basic breakdown of the top 3 titles:

  • Overwatch: The Overwatch League

  • Call of Duty: The Call of Duty World League

  • League of Legends: Worlds, Mid-Seasonal, LCS NA, LCS EU, LNL, LCK, LPL, TCL, CBLOL, LLA, LJL, OPL, LST.

MFIFA Top Title in the eSports Betting Landscapeeanwhile, there are more games on which you will want to place your bets;

  • FIFA: 19 Global Series
  • Dota 2: Minors, Majors, The International
  • CS:GO: DreamHack, Intel Masters
  • Fortnite: Twitch Rivals, World Cup

Why Participate in Online eSports Betting?

If you are an avid eSports fan in the first place, there is a good chance that you can turn a decent profit on betting esports. Why? Because most bookmakers rely on numbers to establish trends and get things right. However, esports fans always experience the game themselves – they play it and enjoy it every day. Guessing the correct score of a game is just a successful byproduct. Plus, the websites you can choose and bet on are private, fair, and secure. All of this will set you up for success in eSports betting.

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